Say It Easily 1 (1 Book + 1 CD)

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To say Chinese easily, one must start from short daily sentences. This series includes 500 oral Chinese sentences, which are fresh, pure and frequently used. They can represent the trend of current Chinese. All sentences are divided into 43 categories, such as greetings, gratitude, agreement and disagreements and etc. For every short sentence, it has two groups of dialogs indicating when and how to use it. This will suit learners of different levels. To master oral Chinese in a short period, one should also use the free CD attached to this book. If you listen to the CD, read after it, imitate repeatedly, try your best to recite them, we believe it is not difficult for you to speak perfect Chinese.

Table of Contents
问候类 Greetings
道别类(一)客人语 Saying Goodbye (一)
道别类(二)主人语 Saying Goodbye (二)
感谢类(一)表示感谢 Gratitude (一) Gratitude
感谢类(二)回答感谢 Gratitude (二) Responding to Thanks
道歉类(一)表示道歉 Apology (一) Apology
道歉类(二)回答道歉 Apology (二) Responding to Apology
客套话 Polite Remarks
评价类(一)积极评价 Assessment (一) Positive Assessment
评价类(二)消极评价 Assessment (二) Negative Assessment
谦虚类 Modesty
同意类 Agreement
反对类 Disagreement
高兴类 Delight
生气类 Annoyance
询问类 Inquiry
约定类 Appointment
祝贺类 Congratulation
祝愿类 Goodd Wishes
索引 Index
Say It Easily 1 (1 Book + 1 CD)