Reform in China: Spotlight Issues

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  • Publication Date: 05/2016
  • ISBN: 9787119100999
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Table of Contents
"The Greatest Common Denominator" for Gaining Confidence and Pooling Strength: Fostering Core Soaalist Values
The basic work ofreinforcing the "root"
Holding to the "root" to influence people by means of traditional culture
Putting down roots by "infiltration"
Relying on positive efforts by every person
"Invisible Hand" versus "Visible Hand":The Relationship between the Government and the Market
The essential task of dealing properly with the balance between "two hands"
Why change "basic role" into "decisive role"
How to make the "invisible hand play the decisive role
How to make the "visible hand" play a better role
Major Move to Make Farmers Rich and Successful:The Reform of the Rural Land System
The bottleneck that must be eliminated in reforming the ruralland system
The threshold for "ruralland entering the market"
The significance of looseningland—use rights
The question offree dealing in homesteads
An Important Step in Safeguarding the People's Rights:The Reform ofthe Household Registration System
The close relationship between the registration system and the people's life
Household registration system reform: a pull on one hair that moves the whole body
The roadmap and timetable of the household registration system reform
The question of easier permanent urban residence registration
Putting Up a "Flyover" for Skill Training: Reform of the Examination and Admission System
Why reform the examination and adnussion system
What breakthroughs must be made in the reform of the college entrance examination
The key points of the reform of the senior high school entrance examination
What measures need to be taken for reforming the junior high school entrance examination
Establishing a Safe Network for Supporting the Elderly:Reform of the Old—age Insurance System
Pressing need for improving the old—age insurance system
How to reform the old—age insurance system
Merging the urban with the rural old—age insurance systems
Reforming the old—age insurance system for government organs and public institutions
The "Selective Two—Child Policy":Adjustment to the Family Planning Policy
Origin of China's family planning policy
Why modify the policy offamily planning
How to implement the selective two—child policy
The necessity ofkeeping the basic national policy for a long time
Relying on Systems to Make the Sky Blue,Land Green and Water Clean: System Building to Promote Ecological Progress
Building systems to facilitate ecological progress
How to prevent pollution forcefully at the source
How to control the process properly
Severe punishment of offenders
Ensuring That the People Feel the Reality of Equality and Justice:The Reform of the Judicial System
Making the System Framework Tight and Strong:Innovations in Creating Mechanisms and Institutions to Combat Corruption
Sample Pages Preview
Green Card is the popular name for the "certificate of aliens' permanent residence." In August 2004 China introduced the Regulations on Examination and Approval of Permanent Residence of Aliens in China,which stipulates that four groups of people are eligible for permanent residence: high—level foreign personnel who hold posts in businesses that promote China's economic, scientific and technological development or social progress; foreign citizens who make large direct investments in China; persons who have made outstanding contributions or are of special importance to China; and people who come to China to be with family, such as husbands and wives,minors dependent on their parents,and senior citizens dependent on their relatives.Because of the "high threshold:"by the end of 2012 the number of aliens who had been granted a "Green Card" was only about 6,000, or less than 1% of the more than 600,000 permanent—resident aliens.
What is the timetable for the reform? The Opinions proposes to further adjust the policy of the household registration transfer,adopt a unified household registration system in rural and urban areas, put a halt to differentiating rural from non—rural household registration, adopt a residence permit system, and step up building and sharing the Basic Population Information Database.
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