Rule of Law in China: Spotlight Issues

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  • Language: English
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  • Publication Date: 05/2016
  • ISBN: 9787119100975
  • Publisher: Foreign Languages Press

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Table of Contents
A New Beacon for Strengthening Rule of Law in China—How to understand the over all objective of
comprehensively advancing law—based governance inthe country
Ⅰ.1he need to comprehensively advance law—based governance in the country
Ⅱ.How to understand the connotations of the overall objective
Ⅲ.The significance to put forward the overall objective
Ⅳ.Principles to be followed to achieve the overall objective
The Bright Prospect of Implementing Law—based Governance—Why should China follow its path in developing rule of law
Ⅰ.Following the right direction is of primary importance in developing rule of law
Ⅱ.How has China blazed its path of rule of law
Ⅲ.The essentials of the path of rule of law in China
Ⅳ.How to ensure smooth progress along this path of rule of law
The Core Issue in Ensuring Success in Rule of Law—How to understand the relationship between the CPC
and rule of law
Ⅰ.Why the relationship between the CPC and rule of law a core issue in developing rule oflaw
Ⅱ.Why“which is more important the Party or the law”a fake proposition
Ⅲ How to uphold the leadership of the CPC in developing socialist rule of law
Ⅳ.Why the CPC must rely on socialist rule of law in providing leadership
Stabilizer of the Country and Nation—How to understand that governance based on the Constitution should be prioritized for law—based governance
Ⅰ.Relationship between exercising law—based governance and Constitution—based governance
Ⅱ.How to improve the Constitution enforcement system and enfbrcement supervision system
Ⅲ.How to carry forward the spirit of the Constitution throughout society
March into the“Web2.0 Era”in Terms of System of Laws—How to make laws in a scientific and democratic way
Ⅰ.Why sound laws precondition sound governance
Ⅱ.How to prevent departmentalization and localization in legislation
Ⅲ.How to promote“open—door legislation”
Ⅳ.How to coordinate legislation with decisions on reform
69 The Vitality of Law Lies in Its Enforcement—How to promote strict enforcement of law
Ⅰ.Why strict law enforcement is essential in
comprehensively advancing law—based governance
Ⅱ.Why the proinotion of the government“power list”system
Ⅲ.Wily the establishment oflifelong accountability system for major decisions
Ⅳ.Wily the implementation of the responsibility system for administrative law enforcement
ⅤHow to strengthen checks on and oversight over administrative power
Let,Justice.Be Seeni in Every Case—How to improve judicial credibility
Ⅰ.How to understand that judicial injustice causes lethal damage to social justice
Ⅱ.How to ensure independent and impartial exercise of judicial power in accordance with the law
Ⅲ.Why establishing people’s courts and people's procuratorates with iurisdiction extending beyond administrative divisions
Ⅳ.How to press on with litigation system reform by focusing on court proceedings
Ⅴ.How to strengthen iudicial protection to human rights
Ⅵ.How to prevent corruption in the judiciary
Engraving the Law in the People's Minds—How to enhance national awareness of the rule of law
Ⅰ.Why the authority of the iaw depends on support of the people
Ⅱ.Why fostering a culture of socialist rule of law
Ⅲ.Why the system to hold those enforcing the law responsible for popularizing 1egal knowledge
Ⅳ.Why exemplary role from leading cadres essential
Law to Provide a Sense of Security and Virtue to Provide a Sense of Worth
Enforcing Self—discpline to Ensure Good Governance—How to understand "party discipline and regulations expect more of Party members than the law”
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the onerous tasks of reform,development and maintaining stability?How will it cope with the severe and complicated problems,risks and challenges now it faces?First,it is necessary to unswervingly uphold the leadership of the CPC and give full play to its role as the leadership Core in exercising overall leadership and coordinating the efforts of all;and second,it is necessary to comprehensively advance law—based governance,and adjust the interest relationship and resolve various social problems in a law—based way.Therefore,the relationship between the CPC and the rule of law constitutes the core of the development of rule of law in China today.
Ⅱ.Why“which is more important,the Party or the law”a fake proposition
When it comes to the relationship between the CPC and rule of law,there are often people who ask,“which one is more important, the Party or the law?”To properly understand and answer this question,it is necessary to make an analysis from more than one perspectives.

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