Nonferrous Metal Resource Recycling

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Table of Contents
Resource Recycling of Urban Mine
Estimation of obsolete cellular phones generation:A case study of China
Modeling the potential impact of future lithium recycling on lithium demand in China A dynamic SFA approach
Recovery of lithium from the effluent obtained in the process of spent lithium—ion batterie recycling
Recovery of metals from waste printed circuit boards by selective leaching combined with cyclone electrowinning process
Effects of alkali—salt fusion process on recovery of amphoteric metals from waste printed circuit boards
Recovery of metal values from waste printed circuit boards using an alkali fusion leaching separation process
Optimization of low—temperature alkaline smelting process of crushed metal enrichment originated from waste printed circuit boards
Conversion and distribution of lead and tin in NaOH—NaN03 fusion process
Resource Recycling of Scattered Metals and Precious Metals
Leaching behavior of metals from copper anode slime using an alkali fusion leaching process
Metal values separation from residue generated in alkali fusion—leaching of copper anode slime
Optimization on selenium and arsenic conversion from copper anode slime by low—temperature alkali fusion process
Removal of selenium from caustic solution by adsorption with Ca A1 layered doublehydroxides
SeleniumVIremoval from caustic solution by synthetic Ca—A1一C1 layered double hydroxides
Dearsenization of caustic solution by synthetic hydrocalumite
Recovery of tellurium from high tellurium—bearing materials by alkaline sulfide leaching followed by sodium sulfite precipitation
Leaching kinetics of tellurium—bearing materials in alkaline sulfide solutions
Optimization of tellurium and antimony extraction from residue generated in alkaline sulfide leaching of tellurium—bearing alkaline skimming slag using central composite design
Selective recovery of Sb and Te from the sodium sulfide leach solution of Te bearing alkaline skimming slag by drop—wise H2 02 addition followed by Na2S—Na2S precipitation
Selective recovery of tellurium from the tellurium—bearing sodium carbonate slag by sodium sulfide leaching followed by cyclone electrowinning
Electrodeposition of tellurium from alkaline solution by cyclone electrowinning
Recovery of ReVIIfrom aqueous solutions with coated impregnated resins containing ionic liquid aliquat
Coated impregnated resin containing Alamine 336 for the selective adsorption of Reo from sulfuric acid solutions
Adsorption of ReVIIfrom sulfuric acid solutions by coated impregnated resins containing TBP
Adsorption study of copperIIby chemically modified orange peel
Metallurgical Process Intensification and Synergetic Smelting
Copper smelting mechanism in oxygen bottom—blown fumace
Development and application of SKSSIM simulation software for the oxygen bottom blown copper smelting process
Multiphase equilibrium modeling of oxygen bottom—blown copper smelting process
Relationship between copper content of slag and matte in the SKS copper smelting process
Effects of matte grade on the distribution of minor elementsPb,Zn,As,Sb and Bi in me bottom blown copper smelting process
E1ement distribution in oxygen.enriched bottom-blown smelting of high。arsenic copper dross
Reaction mechanism and distribution behavior of arsenic in the bolom blown copper smelcing process
A mechod of high—quality silica preparation from copper smelting slag
SimulatiOn study and industrial application of enhanced arsenic removal by regulating the proportion of concentrates in the SKS copper smelting process
A pilot study:Efficient electrowinning of tellurium from alkaline solution by cyclone electrowinning technology
Recycling of other Secondary Resources
Stepwise extraction of gold and silver from refractory gold concentrate calcine by thiourea
The efficacv of a new iodination roasting technology to recover gold and silver from
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