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YCT Test Preparation Kit 2019 – Recommended Books for YCT Exams

1. Textbook – YCT Standard Course

YCT Standard CourseYCT Standard Course book set has been developed based on the analysis of YCT papers and the principle of "combining testing and teaching".

This series is organized with function as the prominent building blocks and grammar as the underlying building blocks, so as to fully cover YCT's vocabulary, grammar and function items. Each lesson is accompanied by a YCT model test page in order to provide teaching clues and exercise options for teachers.

The series follows the principle that students proceed with reading and writing after achieving the goal of listening and speaking. The first 4 books do not have any requirements on writing Chinese characters.
The book is illustrated with photos match the style of the test and is printed in full color, and audios are provided as well.

Students should be able to pass the corresponding level of YCT after finishing each book. 

2. Model tests - YCT Simulation Tests

YCT Simulation TestsThis book set includes 4 vols, each vol includes 6 sets of the simulated test fully cover the vocabulary and grammar points prescribed by the outline of the YCT.

Sound recording will be downloaded by scanning QR code on the first page of each examination paper.

High degree of simulation, strictly following the test syllabus and referring to the past exam papers officially published
Loose-leaf binding for easy self-testing and simulation testing
Equipped with an app, available on both mobile phones and tablet PCs


3. Vocabulary List

Check our YCT vocabulary list to create printable writing worksheets, puzzles, flashcards and word games
Vocabulary List for YCT Level 1 (83 words)
Vocabulary List for YCT Level 2 (153 words)
Vocabulary List for YCT Level 3 (303 words)
Vocabulary List for YCT Level 4 (600 words)

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