PDF Customisation
Add your own logo on generated PDFs
To add your own logo on PDFs generated by Chinese Tools, please follow below steps:
1. Goto "My Tools - Setting" page, click on the "PDF" tab.
2. Click on the "Select a File" button to select the logo file from your compputer. Please note, only imgage files less than 100kb can be uploaded. Once image file is selected, click on the "Upload" button. Your logo will then be displayed after "Your logo".
3. To show the logo on PDFs, please use text {LOGO}. For example, if you would like the show your logo on the right of PDF header, just input {LOGO} on the right header textbox 
Use of HTML tags
We support below HTML tags in PDF header/footer:
1. your text: text inside tag will be displayed in bold formatting.  
2. your text: You can use this to add links  

Dispaly page number
Two tags are provided to display page numbers:
{PAGENO} will show current page number and {TOTALNO} will show total page number of the PDF document.


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