Can I Still Use the Current HSK Standard Course Textbooks for HSK Studies?

As language learners, staying updated with the latest exam standards and textbooks is crucial to effectively prepare for proficiency tests. With the recent announcement of the Chinese Level Standard of International Chinese Education and New HSK 3.0 test, many students may wonder if they can still use the current HSK Standard Course textbooks for their HSK studies.

In this post, we will explore the answer to this question and provide you with the latest information from Han Ban, the organizer of the HSK test.

Maintaining Stability and Evolving Gradually
According to Han Ban, the HSK test organizer, the HSK will undergo an expansion of levels to form a "three-phase and nine-level" examination grade system. As of now, this means that HSK will first introduce HSK 7-9 while maintaining the stability of the existing six levels of examination in accordance with the current Standard. This implies that the current HSK 1-6 level examination will not be adjusted in the near future.

Validity of Results and Certificates
If you have already taken and passed the HSK 1-6 exams, there is good news. The results you obtained are still valid, and the validity of the certificates you received remains unchanged. Therefore, the effort you put into studying and preparing for these earlier levels is not in vain.

Continued Use of Textbooks and Courses 
One of the main concerns students have when new textbooks are introduced is whether their current materials become outdated. However, according to Han Ban's statement, the textbooks and courses developed based on HSK 1-6 can still be used. This means that if you are currently using the HSK Standard Course textbooks for your preparations, you can continue doing so.

Gradual Adjustments in the Future
While the current HSK 1-6 levels will remain stable for now, it's important to note that in the next 3-5 years, adjustments may gradually occur. These adjustments will align with the HSK Standard and take into account the actual situation of Chinese learners in various countries. This means that as a learner, you can anticipate updates to the HSK 1-6 levels based on evolving standards and feedback from learners worldwide.

In summary, if you are currently using the HSK Standard Course textbooks for your HSK exam preparations, you can continue doing so without worry. The current HSK 1-6 levels will remain stable, and the textbooks and courses you have been using are still valid. Remember to stay updated with any future announcements regarding the adjustments to these levels, as HSK gradually evolves to meet the changing needs of Chinese language learners worldwide.

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