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Read Chinese on Kindle with Pinyin/Zhuyin Annotation
We're glad to announce the release of "Send to Kindle" function on Talking Chinese to Pinyin/Zhuyin converter.
Basically, this function allows you to send a copy of conversion result to your kindle Devices & Apps for further reading.


1. Read Chinese text annotated with Pinyin or Zhuyin or even just the tone marks to practise tones.


2. Show phonetics annotations on selected words only

Unlike Kindle's build-in Pinyin function, our tool provides more flexibility on the display of phonetics annotations.
Before "Send to Kindle", you can use the "View" option on conversion result page to show/hide phonetics annotation based on HSK levels, or just by hovering your mouse over the words.
How to use

Step 1: Visit your Kindle's settings page.

Step 2: Add to the approved email list.

Step 3: Visit, click on the “Send to Kindle” tab, add your kindle's email address


Now, you can start pushing articles to your Kindle device on Chinese to Pinyin converter and Chinese Reader pages.


If you don't want to setup the Kindle email, you can also use the Export to Mobi function, which allows you to export conversion result to a .mobi file. You can then copy the file to your Kindle device to view it.


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