Vocabulary List Generator - FAQ
Can I customize the tone color scheme?

Please visit, we have provided 6 commonly used Pinyin tone color scheme, you can also customize the color for each tone.

How can I share the word list to others?

To let someone access your list, simply send them the URL.

Can I edit the generated vocabulary list?

List edit function is available if you have a valid Pro account subscription, and the word list is created by your own.
By clicking on the "Edit" link, you will see a edit popup for the corresponding term, For Pinyin field, please input pinyin with tone number (use 5 for neutral tone) and use u: for ü. For example, input "lu:3 zi5" for "lǘ zi". Your pinyin input will be auto converted based on your tone setting.

How can I generate printable flashcard?

Please click on the Print icon on the flashcard popup. A PDF format flashcard will be generated. You can print it on A4 sized paper.

I already have a word list, can I import into your system?

Import list function is available on the "Load List" tab.
Please paste your list text into the text-box on the left side, choose correct list format and delimiters on the right side, then click on the "Generate List" button.

Could I color code Characters based on their tones?

Please visit, and check the "Colorful Characters" checkbox.

Can I add link/texts on the footer of generated PDF files?

This function is for Pro accounts only.
Please visit, click on the "PDF" tab, where you can customize the header and footer of all generated PDF files.

How can I save the words in the word list into MyWords?

Currently, this function is only available on the flashcard popup, you can click on the Star icon, or press S key on your keyboard to add displayed word into MyWords

I have a word list of hundreds of words, but the flashcard/worksheet only used first few words.

The flashcard/worksheets only use words displayed on current page. To use other words, please switch to corresponding page or use the drop-down on the top left to show more entries per page.

Can I reduce the number of grids on Word Search Puzzle?

I have selected "Number of Grids" as "Less", but the generated puzzle is still too big.
Please set the number of entries per page into 10 or 25.

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