New Concept Chinese (Indonesian Edition) Workbook 4

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Level: Elementary
College, Adults

New Concept Chinese, a series of Chinese textbooks for adults, is suitable for both self-teaching and classroom teaching. Based on the teaching practice and research findings of Chinese and Chinese as a second language, this series learns from and adopts the effective methods of foreign language teaching in China and abroad as well as the ideas and practice of teaching in the 21st century, presents practical, concise and interesting teaching materials, and employs easy, flexible and effective learning and teaching methods. This is Workbook 4 of the Indonesian Edition.

About the Author
Mr. Cui Yonghua is a researcher in Beijing Language and Culture University. He has been engaged in the field of Chinese teaching and research since 1981. His research focuses on Chinese grammar, Chinese language teaching and Chinese information processing, and his publications includeClassroom Techniques for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language(as the lead author),Teaching and Research of Chinese as a Foreign Language(a collection of academic papers) and some textbooks coauthored with others, such asStandard Chinese Course,Learning ChineseandLearn Chinese through Listening, Speaking and Watching. Mr. Cui has chaired and participated in many research projects, such asRadical Standards of GB 13000.1 Character Set for the Purpose of Information Processing, and has written a number of academic papers, the representative ones being “Syntactic and Semantic Issues Related to Commendatory and Derogatory Adjectives”, “An Attempt in Analyzing the Sentence Pattern ‘连……也……’” and “About the Methodology of TCFL as a Discipline”, etc.
New Concept Chinese (Indonesian Edition) Workbook 4