New Concept Chinese (Indonesian Edition) 1 Textbook

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Author: Cui Yonghua;
Language: Indonesian
Format: Books,MP3; 285 × 210 × 7 mm
Page: 104
Publication Date: 12/2014
ISBN: 9787561940709

Level: Beginner,Elementary; Adults

New Concept Chinese, a series ofChinese textbooks for adults, is suitable for both self-teaching and classroomteaching. Observing the principle of “making Chinese easier to learn”, thisseries presents practical, concise and interesting teaching materials andemploys easy, flexible and effective teaching methods so that students andteachers could learn and teach Chinese in a convenient and effective way.The whole series includes Textbooks, Workbooks, Chinese Character Workbooks,Teacher’s Books, etc.This is Textbook 1, targeted at Indonesian students who have acquired somebasic Chinese. It teaches over 400 Chinese words frequently used inconversation, more than 300 Chinese characters and about 40 grammar points,encompassing the most common topics foreigners may encounter in their study,life and work, for instance, occupations, hobbies, foods, and means of transportation.Upon finishing this volume, the students’ Chinese proficiency will reach alevel equivalent to the New HSK Level 2.

Usage Advice: This is a beginner-level Chinese textbook for adultIndonesian students, who can either use it in the classroom with their teacher, or study itindependently using the paper version and digital resources of the textbook.

About the Author
Mr. Cui Yonghua is a researcher in Beijing Language and CultureUniversity. He has been engaged in the field of Chinese teaching and researchsince 1981. His research focuses on Chinese grammar, Chinese language teachingand Chinese information processing, and his publications includeClassroom Techniques for Teaching Chinese asa Foreign Language(as the lead author),Teaching and Research of Chinese as a Foreign Language(acollection of academic papers) and some textbooks coauthored with others, suchasStandard Chinese Course,Learning ChineseandLearn Chinese through Listening, Speakingand Watching. Mr. Cui has chaired and participated in many researchprojects, such asRadical Standards of GB13000.1 Character Set for the Purpose of Information Processing, and has writtena number of academic papers, the representative ones being “Syntactic andSemantic Issues Related to Commendatory and Derogatory Adjectives”, “An Attemptin Analyzing the Sentence Pattern ‘连……也……’”and “About the Methodology of TCFL as a Discipline”, etc.

New Concept Chinese (Indonesian Edition) 1 Textbook