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A Chinese-English Geology and Mining Industry Dictionary
ISBN: 9787502473365 | Published on 07/2016

A Concise Textbook of Fluid Mechanic
ISBN: 9787502487829 | Published on 04/2021

A Liquid Medium Energy Saving Window Technique and Application
ISBN: 9787502468880 | Published on 08/2020
Liquid flow window is a novel multi-glazing system with liquid medium in the window cavity to serve as solar thermal collector and heat/cool...

An Introduction to Flight Control of Three-duct Compound UAV
ISBN: 9787502494377 | Published on 04/2023

Basic Principles of Steel Structures Design
ISBN: 9787502495213 | Published on 04/2023
This textbook is compiled based on the Chinese current code Standard of steel structure design (GB 50017-2017) focused on the basic principle of...

Comparison between Chinese and Western Cultures (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9787502475437 | Published on 08/2017
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Control Network Technology
ISBN: 9787502479572 | Published on 03/2019

Coordinating Industrial Symbiosis : Knowledge Transfer Process and Mechanism
ISBN: 9787502479206 | Published on 10/2018
This book provides a greater understanding of KT and IS theories from the following perspectives: Presenting the role of changing national policy...

Design of Building Steel Structures
ISBN: 9787502495237 | Published on 04/2023
This textbook introduced the design method of several kinds of buildings steel structures, compiled based on current codes Standard of steel...

Design of Digital Control System for Electric Drive
ISBN: 9787502476434 | Published on 03/2018
As the computer controlling technology develop rapidly, the superiority and brilliant application prospects are mostly indicated. Current industrial...

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