MCT Standard Course 2A

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Based on the Syllabus of Medical Chinese Test (MCT) and the Chinese ProficiencyGrading Standards for International Chinese Language Education, MCT Standard Course is written to integrate professionalmedical knowledge and common Chinese knowledge, and to comprehensively developlearners’ medical competence and Chinese listening, speaking, reading andwriting skills. It is fully aligned with the requirements of vocabulary, testcontents, test forms and grading standards of MCT in all aspects, combiningtest and teaching with learning and practicing. After learning each volume,learners can reach the corresponding MCT level. All volumes of the MCTStandard Course cover the four main clinical disciplines of internalmedicine, surgery, gynaecology and paediatrics, as well as other disciplines.The first volume focuses on the description of symptoms and diagnosis ofdiseases, the second one the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and the thirdone the exploration of pathological mechanisms of diseases. The content mainlyinvolves the basic information of hospitals and medical procedures, symptomsand signs of common diseases, routine examinations and diagnostic andtherapeutic operations. Furthermore, the description of symptoms andintroduction of diagnostic and therapeutic programs are presented in the formof pictures in order to make them vivid and intuitive.

The writing team of MCT Standard Course comes from Huazhong University ofScience and Technology, Dalian Medical University, Zhongnan University ofEconomics and Law, Southern Medical University, Fujian Medical University, andGuangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, etc. This team has rich experience inthe teaching of medical Chinese and medical practice, which guarantees the scientificityand practicality of the teaching materials, and facilitates learners to acquiremedical Chinese in a quick and efficient way.

About the Author
Luo Lin is a professor and doctor supervisorof Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), as well as anexecutive director of the Center for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language ofHUST. She is in charge of the teaching and management of common Chineselanguage and specialized Chinese language (medicine, science and technology),the training of Chinese language teachers and the cultivation and management ofthe students majoring in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages(TCSOL).

Li Cong is a professor and postgraduate supervisor of Dalian Medical University, a member of the DigestiveSpecialty Committee of the Chinese Association of Pathophysiology, and a memberof the Teaching Specialty Committee of International Students (Medicine).

Li Yanan is an assistant of general managerand R&D director of Chinese Testing International (CTI), as well as one ofthe core members and drafters of the subject group of Chinese ProficiencyGrading Standards for International Chinese Language Education. She is mainly responsible for the R&D of Chinese languageexaminations.

LiuTingyan is a teacher of Chinese to speakers of other language in the OverseasEducation College of Fujian Medical University. She has long been engaged inteaching medical Chinese to international students, and has participated in theediting of Medical Chinese, a textbook of the13th Five-Year Plan of theNational Health Planning Commission.

Editorial Review
Based on the Syllabus of Medical Chinese Test (MCT) and the Chinese Proficiency Grading Standards for International Chinese LanguageEducation, MCT Standard Course is written to closelymeet the requirements of MCT, and well combine professional medical knowledgewith common Chinese knowledge, so that learners can pass the MCT successfullywhile mastering the medical knowledge and Chinese expressions, applying whatthey have learned and practiced. Its content is organized in a scientific andpractical way, involving typical and common medical conversations such asconsultation, description of symptoms, diagnosis of diseases, examination ofsigns and symptoms, etc. All volumes cover the four main clinical disciplinesof internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology and paediatrics, as well as otherdisciplines. The involved Chinese knowledge, concise and commonly used, isaccompanied by example sentences and necessary exercises. Learners can get commonvocabulary and grammar while learning medical vocabulary and expressions. MCTStandard Course is accompanied by a wealth of pictures that fit eachmedical scenario, making the teaching process more vivid and intuitive, whichcan stimulate learners’ interest and improve their learning efficiency.

This book is used as a general Chinese teaching material forstudying medical majors in Chinese, and can be accompanied with teachingmaterials for medical majors.

It is intended for international medicalstudents with a common Chinese proficiency of HSK Level 3, overseas studentswho use Chinese for medical major study, and healthcare workers who use Chineseas a non-native language in clinical diagnosis and treatment.

Each volume contains 10 lessons, and each lesson is recommended to be completed in 6 to 8 hours.
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