Magical Chinese Characters vol.2 - Textbook with 1CD

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Language: English
Format: 285 x 210 x 7 mm, Paperback
Page: 137
Publication Date: 05/2008
ISBN: 9787561920923
As the subsequent product of Magical Chinese Characters: Building Blocks for Learning Chinese Characters, this series of textbooks can be used independently or as supplementary materials. Learners are required to have learned Chinese for more than one year and acquired basic ability in listening and speaking Chinese.

Magical Chinese Characters: Radicals for Learning Chinese Characters 2 has altogether 25 lessons in 2 units.  The unit of "Nature Related Ⅱ" introduces 11 Chinese radicals and the 216 Chinese characters composed by them. The unit of "Manmade Related" introduces 17 Chinese radicals and the 313 Chinese characters composed by them. For each character, its form, meaning, writing method, usage and word formation are introduced in a scientific and practical way. The simple and interesting texts contain the many characters of the same radical, facilitating the students' memorization and mastery of characters.

The members of the compilation committee of this series of textbooks include teachers from international schools in Beijing and Shanghai, and Chinese teaching experts in China and US. They all have rich experiences in teaching and research Chinese as a foreign language.

Magical Chinese Characters vol.2 - Textbook with 1CD