Machine Elements in Mechanical Design

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This book is one of the excellent textbooks for colleges and universities of Jiangsu Province in 2018, which is based on the demand for mechanical engineering field in teaching reform. It is designed to be used as the basic course for the undergraduate students in mechanical design.

There are fifteen chapters in this book .Its coverage includes introduction;strength of mechanical parts;friction, wear and lubrication;threaded joints;axle and hub connections;rivetings,weldings and bondings;power screws;belt drives;chain drives;gear drives;worm gear transmission;shafts;sliding bearings;rolling-element bearings;couplings, clutches and brakes. Homework problems and projects involving design and analysis provide a basis for the course to follow. At the end, the text is supplemented by a glossary of terms.

This book can be used as textbooks for the course of machine elements in mechanical design or a reference for students, teachers and engineers specializing in mechanical engineering.

Machine Elements in Mechanical Design