Intensive Chinese for Pre-University Students: Workbook 6

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Intensive Chinese for Pre-University Students, a series of elementary and intermediate level Chinese textbooks, is consistent with the HSK Syllabus and the Final Test for the Pre-University International Students Sponsored by the Chinese Government Scholarship and shows the teaching idea of “combining learning with testing”. This series is designed for pre-university students who are going to study science, engineering or liberal arts in China. It can also be used as a Chinese teaching material for elementary and intermediate level students who come to China for long-term language training and for learners of Chinese who want to pass HSK levels 1–5.
This is Workbook 6 in the series, including 12 lessons.

About the Author
Wang Yaomei is the Vice Dean of the College of International Education, Shandong University, and a postgraduate supervisor who has been engaged in CFL teaching since 1987. Ms. Wang’s major research interests lie in CFL textbooks, CSL acquisition, etc.

Editorial Review
1. A Middlebury-style intensive program aiming to improve language skills rapidly
2. Written in accordance with various teaching and testing syllabuses, especially in terms of topics and vocabulary
3. Sections presented in the same sequence as classroom teaching and students’ acquisition
4. Lively real-life language
5. A complete assortment of materials, including PPT slides and demo class videos
Table of Contents
第一课 回家过年
第二课 宜家的一元冰激凌
第三课 巧吃海鲜
第四课 互助养老
第五课 做孔雀
第六课 海南知多少
第七课 不要活在别人的印象中
第八课 端午节
第九课 留下优雅与从容
第十课 买房还是租房,这是一个问题
第十一课 整容之我见
第十二课 丝绸之路与“一带一路”
Intensive Chinese for Pre-University Students: Workbook 6