Practical Chinese Intermediate Level

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This book is specifically designed for foreigners who live, study and
work in China.The course contains the most used vocabulary, sentence
patterns and situational dialogues at the intermediate level. Also some
basic and important Chinese grammar points are added. Each unit has an
interesting and unique article which helps the learner to improve
reading ability. We believe you will get a lot of fun from learning
Chinese and much useful knowledge from the course. It will make you live
in China easily and happily.
Table of Contents
第一课Lesson 1 交朋友Making Friends
第二课Lesson 2 学校生活School Life
第三课Lesson 3 谈论天气Talking About the Weather
第四课Lesson 4 现在几点What Time Is It Now?
第五课Lesson 5 去野生公园Going to the Wildlife Park
第六课Lesson 6 地球有几种颜色How Many Colors Are There on the Earth?
第七课Lesson 7 在饭店At the Hotel
第八课Lesson 8 买衣服Shopping for Clothes
第九课Lesson 9 在酒吧At a Bar
期中复习(第一课-第九课)Mid-term Revision(Lesson 1-Lesson 9)
期中考试(第一课-第九课)Mid-term Test(Lesson 1-Lesson 9)
第十课Lesson 10 问路(找厕所)Asking for Direction(Find a Restroom)
第十一课Lesson 11 你的心情好吗What Mood Are You in?
第十二课Lesson 12 电话订购礼物Ordering Gifts on the Phone
第十三课Lesson 13 去药房买药Buying Medicine from the Drugstore
第十四课Lesson 14 我要上网Accessing the Internet
第十五课Lesson 15 去健身房Going to a Gym
第十六课Lesson 16 中国的节日Chinese Holidays
第十七课Lesson 17 请假Asking for Leave
第十八课Lesson侣 中国的名胜古迹Scenic Spots and Historical Sites in China
期末复习(第十课-第十八课)Final Revision(Lesson 10-Lesson 18)
期末考试(第十课-第十八课)Final Test(Lesson 10-Lesson 18)
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Practical Chinese Intermediate Level (ISBN:9787561770894)
Sample pages of Practical Chinese Intermediate Level (ISBN:9787561770894)
I am a mother with two children. Every morning I wake up at sixo 'clock. At 6:15 a.m. I begin to cook breakfast for my kids. At 7:30 a.m. I need to drive my kids to the school. I have to arrive at the hospital for work before 8:00 a.m.
I am a nurse at the hospital and look after six patients every day. I bring water and medicine to the patients and help them to take their medicine. I also give them injections several times. Each day I need to bring three meals to the patients' bedside on time and take their temperature ... I'm so busy sometimes that I do not have time to drink water.
At five o'clock I get off work, and then I hurry to pick up my kids. I have to cook dinner as soon as I arrive home. After the dinner I wash the dishes. At about 8"45 p.m. my kids go to sleep, and then I do some cleaning. Around 10:30 p.m., I am so tired that I can't keep my eyes open.
Look! What a busy day!
Practical Chinese Intermediate Level