HSK Handwriting Workbook Level 4

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Author: Jing Xiaopeng; ;
Page: 64
Publication Date: 06/2019
ISBN: 9787540146528
Table of Contents

简单的爱情 Simple love
真正的朋友 A true friend
经理对我印象不错 I've made a good impression on the manager
不要太着急赚钱 Don't be anxious to make monev
只买对的,不买贵的 Buy the right.not the expensive
一分钱一分货 The higher the price.the better the auaiity
好的医生是自己 The best doctor is yourself
生活中不缺少美 Beauty is not rare in life
阳光总在风雨后 The sun will shine again after the storm
幸福的标准 Standards of happiness
读书好,读好书,好读书 It's good to read;read good books and Iike rea
用心发现世界 Discover the world with your heart
喝着茶看京剧 Drink tea while watching Beijing opera
保护地球母亲 Protect our Mother Earth
教育孩子的艺术 The art of educating children
生活可以 美好 Life can be better
人与自然 Humans and nature
科技与世界 and the world
生活的味道 Taste of life
路上的风景 The view along the way
HSK Handwriting Workbook Level 4