Heilongjiang Statistical Yearbook 2007 (1 Book + 1 CD-ROM)

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The Heilongjiang Statistical Yearbook 2007 is an annual statistics publication, which covers very comprehensive data in 2006 and some selected data series in historically important years at provincial levels and local levels of cities, regions, and counties directly under the provincial government and therefore, reflects various aspects of the social and economic development of Heilongjiang.
Table of Contents

Part 1 Division of Administrative Areas and Natural Resources
Part 2 General Survey
Part 3 Population, Employment and Wages
Part 4 Investment in Fixed Assets
Part 5 Production and Consumption of Energy
Part 6 Finance, Banking and Insurance
Part 7 Price Indices
Part 8 People's Livelihood
Part 9 General Survey of Cities
Part 10 Agriculture
Part 11 Industry
Part 12 Construction
Part 13 Transport, Post and Information Transfer
Part 14 Wholesale and Retail Trade, Catering Services
Part 15 Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, International Tourism
Part 16 Education, Sciences and Technology, Culture
Part 17 Sports, Public Health and Other Social Activities


1. Main Social and Economic Indicators of counties
2. General Survey of all Development Areas
3. Main Economic Indicators of Enterprise Groups
4. Main Indicators of National Economy among the Three Provinces in Northeast Area

Heilongjiang Statistical Yearbook 2007 (1 Book + 1 CD-ROM)