Sunshine Chinese Textbook 3A (with CD, YCT Friendly)

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Author: Liu Jun;
Format: 24.8 x 20.8 x 1 cm
Page: 102
Publication Date: 11/2014
ISBN: 9787100108607

The Volume 3 of Sunshine Chinese consists of 12 units, and each unit presents a story in the form of a dialogue. The stories in this volume are carefully designed by using the key vocabulary, the grammar and the language functions required in level 3, and by introducing Chinese culture as appropriate. It can not only motivate students to learn Chinese, but also help them understand the uses of the vocabulary and the grammar, and try to use them through practice. The coherence of the plots of the stories can also help students link up what they have teamed in class.Thus, learning Chinese becomes an easy and enjoyable experience.

The texts presented in this volume are designed to create a filo-filled and meaningful space of Chinese study for students with interesting stories in rich content. Tom is the main character of the stories in this textbook. The stories are unfolded by the changing of the four seasons starting on the first day of the school year in September, and finishing on the last day of the school year in July the next year. as the result of the 12 episodes in sequence, it becomes a big story presenting the rich and colorful life of Tom communicating with different people at the school, home, the park and some other places outside the school and home in one school year. Each story is developed around a topic familiar to students and related to students' lives. The title of each unit is the topic of the story. After learning these stories, we hope that students will not only be able to use Chinese in their daily communication, but also to talk about different topics in Chinese which they are interested in. The exercises of the Workbook are designed with varieties in types and formats for students to build their four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and to practice the grammar and the language functions in specific contexts, without feeling bored.

Table of Contents

1  这是我们的学校
2  你喜欢上什么课
3  欢迎来中国
4  明天天气怎么样
5  祝您生日快乐
6  这条裙子太瘦了

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Sunshine Chinese Textbook 3A (with CD, YCT Friendly)