Heilongjiang Statistical Yearbook 2017

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1, "Heilongjiang Statistical Yearbook -2017" is a comprehensive reflection of the economic and social development in Heilongjiang Province, an informative tool. This book system contains the province and each city (prefecture), county in 2016 the economic and social statistics, as well as the history of important years of the main statistical data.
Second, the book is divided into 19 parts: 1. Integration; 2. Population, employment and wages of workers; 3. National economic accounting; 4. Price index; 5. People's livelihood; 6. Finance, finance and insurance; Environment; 8. Energy; 9. Investment in fixed assets; 10. Foreign economic relations and trade; 11 Agriculture; 12. Industry; 13. Construction; 14. Housing and real estate; 15. Domestic trade and tourism; 16. Transport and postal services; 17 Education and science and technology; 18. Culture, sports, health and social services; 19. City profile. At the same time appendix two parts: I. The county (city) main index; II. Various development zones. Each section is accompanied by an explanation of key statistical indicators.
Third, the data used in the measurement units are using international standards of measurement units.
Most of the information in this yearbook comes from annual statistical reports. Some of the data come from the annual survey of sampling and professional departments. Some professional historical data and data sources are adjusted. Please pay attention to the notes in the table.
Fifth, the county economic indicators in the appendix for the counties (cities) reported the number, not done step by step check for reference purposes only.
Six, due to data sources and calculation methods, some indicators of regional data is not equal to the number of provinces, please use the attention. Part of the total number or the relative number of units of choice arising from the choice of the calculation error is not adjusted.
7, the yearbook, the provincial data sheet to increase the provincial pilot Suifenhe City and Fuyuan County data, without special instructions, Mudanjiang does not contain Suifenhe data, Jiamusi does not contain Fuyuan County data.
Eight, the symbol used in this yearbook space, "said the data is unknown or the data is too small, less than the table unit of measurement;" # "that the main items.
(for reference only)
Heilongjiang Statistical Yearbook 2017