Financial Statement Analysis

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Overview offinancial statement analysis
Learning objectives
Chapter-opening case
1.1 The history offinancial statement analysis
1.1.1 The origin and development of financial statement analysis
1.1.2 Schools offinancial statement analysis
1.2 Basic theories offinancial statement analysis
1.2.1 Conceptandpurposesoffinancial statementanalysis
1.2.2 Contents offinancial statement analysis
1.2.3 Steps andprinciples offinancial statement analysis
1.3 Preparation offinancial statement analysis
1.3.1 Preparation ofbackground information
1.3.2 Preparation ofmethods
1.3.3 Preparation oftools
Chapter 2 The analysis of company’s financial abilities
Learning objectives
Chapter-opening case
2.1 Solvency analysis
2.1.1 The concept and significance of solvency analysis
2.1.2 Short—term solvency analysis
2.1.3 Long—term solvency analysis
2.2 Operating capability analysis
2.2.1 Concept and significance of operating capability analysis
2.2.2 Analysis ofcurrent assets operating capability
2.2.3 Analysis of non—current assets operating capability
2.2.4 Analysis oftotal asset operating capability
2.3 Profitabilityanalysis
2.3.1 Concept and significance ofprofitability analysis
2.3.2 Analysis ofoperatingprofitability
2.3.3 Analysis ofassetprofitability
2.3.4 Analysis ofcapital profitability
2.3.5 Profitability analysis oflisted companies
2.4 Growth capability analysis
2.4.1 Concept and significance of growth capability analysis
2.4.2 Analysis ofassetgrowth capability
2.4.3 Analysis ofincome growth capability
2.4.4 Analysis ofprofit growth capability
2.4.5 Analysis ofthe growth capability ofowners’equity
Chapter3 Methods offinancial statement analysis
Learning objectives
Chapter-opening case
3.1 Overview ofthe methods offinancial statement analys
3.2 Basic methods offinancial statement analysis
3.2.1 Comparative analysis method
3.2.2 Ratio analysis method
3.2.3 Trend analysis method
3.2.4 Factor analysis method
3.3 Comprehensive methods offinancial statement analysis
3.3.1 Wall scoring method
3.3.2 DuPontfinancial analysis method
3.3.3 Financial early warning analysis method
3.3.4 Financial strategy matrix
Chapter 4 Comprehensive cases of financial statement analysis
Learning objectives
Chapter-opening case
4.1 Comprehensive analysis of CYTS’s financial statements
4.1.1 Background introduction of CYTS
4.1.2 Analysis of CYTS’s financial capability
4.1.3 Comprehensive analysis of CYTS
4.2 Comprehensive analysis ofALPHA's financial statements
4.2.1 Background introduction o fALPHA
4.2.2 Analysis ofALPHA's various financial capabilities
4.2.3 Comprehensive analysis of ALPHA
4.3 Comprehensive analysis of LETV’s financial statements
4.3.1 Briefintroduction ofLETV
4.3.2 Analysis ofLETV’Sfinancial capabilities
4.3.3 Comprehensive analysis of LETV
Chapter 5 Development offinancial statement analysis
Learning objectives
Chapter-opening case
5.1 The improvement offinancial statement analysis
5.1.1 Impact offinancial statement analysis on enterprise development
5.1.2 Feasibility offinancial statemnt analysis reform
5.1.3 Trend Of reform in financial statement analysis in the knowledge economy
5.2 Application of financial statement analysis in enrpfise Value assessment
5.2.1 EVAfEconomicValueAdded
5.2.2 Free cashflowdiscountmodel
Financial Statement Analysis