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The Silent Spikes:Chinese Laborers and the Construction of North American Railroads(Revised Edition)
ISBN: 9787508532875 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press
In the 1860s and 1880s, the transcontinental Pacific Railroads had been completed in the United States and Canada, which stood as eternal monuments...

Revisting Shangri-la
ISBN: 9787508530581 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press

A History of Chinese Coffee
ISBN: 9787030514110,7030514114 | Publisher: Science Press
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Famous Chinese Novels (5 vols set)
ISBN: 9789900331025 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press
This set includes 5 novels: <br/> Ground Covered with Chicken Feathers<br/> Strings of Life<br/> The Love Story of a Young...

Unusual Lives: 28 People's Extraordinary Journey off the Beaten Path
ISBN: 9787510461231 | Publisher: New World Press

A Collection of Qipaos From China's Prominent Families

China Tourism Academy Annual Report of China Outbound Tourism Development 2016
ISBN: 7563734600, 9787563734603 | Publisher: Tourism Education Press

Granary of China: The Worlds' Black Soil Eco-friendly Heilongjiang
ISBN: 9787109222069 | Publisher: China Agricultural Press

Memories of The Nation: Selected Cover Stories of 820 Issues of China Pictorial
ISBN: 9787514613667 | Publisher: China Pictorial Publishing House/China Pictorial

Pingju: Real Life Opera of Northern China
ISBN: 9787510457166, 7510457165 | Publisher: New World Press