Elegant Guangdong - Jade Carving: Skillful Craftsmanship

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As an important part. of Chinese culture, Lingnan culture, mainly those in Guangdong province, plays a key role in the world culture.
Elegant Guangdong Series Ⅱ cover 5 subjects of the Lingnan cultural and traditional gems in South China.Each volume has used vivid and precious illustrations and portraits.
Jade Carving: Skillful Craftsmanship is an outline of the development of the jade carving of Guangzhou,offering a concise introduction to the charm of this local intangible cultural heritage with a history of thousands of years.
Table of Contents
Chapter Ⅰ The Fascinating History of Guangzhou Jade Carving
Millennia of Artistry Passed Down Through the Ages
The Resplendent Journey of Craftsmanship Emergence

Chapter Ⅱ Enchanting Craftsmanship of Guangzhou Jade Carving
Light and Airy Style
Ingenious Carving in the Crafting Grandeur

Chapter Ⅲ The Inheritance and Development of Guangzhou Jade Carving
Arduous Journey and Rebirth
Innovating Tradition with Renewed Vitality
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Elegant Guangdong - Jade Carving: Skillful Craftsmanship