Easy Way to Learn Chinese Idioms (English-Chinese)

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Easy Way to Learn Chinese Idioms is the first volume of the "Easy Way to Learn" series. It consists of eighty stories about Chinese idioms. This is a unique book fearuring eye-catching illustrations and convenient pinyin. It not only provides foreign readers with an opportunity for learning Chinese idioms and improving their Chinese language ability, but also helps Chinese readers to better their English, enabling them to communicate with foreign friends more freely.
Table of Contents
按图索骥  Look for a steed according to its picture
拔苗助长  Help shoots grow by pulling them upward
百发百中  A hundred shots, a hundred bull's-eyes
杯弓蛇影  Mistake the reflection of a bow in the cup for a snake
伯乐识马  Bo Le judges horses
唇亡齿寒  If the lips are gone, the teeth will be cold
此地无银三百两  No 300 taels of silver buried here
呆若木鸡  Dumb as a wooden chicken
道听途说  Heard on the streets and told on the roads
对症下药  Suit the remedy to the illness
对牛弹琴  Play the zither to a cow
负荆请罪  Proffer a birch and ask for a flogging
邯郸学步  Learn the Handan way of walking
囫囵吞枣  Swallow dates whole
狐假虎威  The fox borrows the tiger's fierceness
画蛇添足  Draw a snake and add feet to it
画龙点睛  Bring a picture of a dragon to life by putting in the pupils of its eyes
挥汗成雨  Sweat drips like rain
讳疾忌医  Hide one's sickness for fear of treatment
火中取栗  Pull someone else's chestnuts out of the fire
涸辙之鲋  A fish stranded in a dry rut
江郎才尽  A Jianglang depleted of his talents
金玉其外 败絮其中  Old cotton fiber coated in gold and jade
惊弓之鸟  A bird that starts at the twang of a bowstring
精卫填海  The bird Jingwei trys to fill up the sea with pebbles
橘化为积  An orange becomes another variety when transplanted
克己奉公  Be wholeheartedly devoted to public duty
刻舟求剑  Nick the boat to seek the sword
空中楼阁  Castles in the air
滥竽充数  Pass oneself off as one of the players in an ensemble
梁上君子  Gentleman on the beam
老马识途  An old horse knows the way
买椟还珠  Keep the glittering casket and give back the pearls
盲人摸象  A group of blind men try to size up an elephant
盲人瞎马  A blind man on a blind horse
毛遂自荐  Offer one's services as Mao Sui did
名落孙山  Fall behind Sun Shan
南辕北辙  Try to go south by driving the chariot north
囊萤映雪  Read by the light of bagged fireflies or the reflected light of snow
呕心沥血  Shed one's heart's blood
破釜沉舟  Break the cauldrons and sink the boats
杞人忧天  Like the man from Qi who feared that the sky might fall
曲突徙薪  Bend the chimney and remove the fuel
黔驴技穷  The Guizhou donkey has exhausted its tricks
孺子可教  The boy is worth teaching
入木三分  The handwriting penetrates the wood
塞翁失马  The old frontiersman loses his horse
三令五申  Issue orders three times and give instructions five times
三人成虎  The testimony of three men creates a tiger in the market
守株待兔  Wait by a stump for a hare
熟能生巧  Practice makes perfect
螳臂当车  A mantis trys to obstruct a chariot
螳螂捕蝉  黄雀在后  The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind
铁杵成针  Grind an iron rod into a needle
外强中干  Outwardly strong but inwardly weak
亡羊补牢  Mend the fold after the sheep is lost
望洋兴叹  Lament one's smallness before the great ocean
望梅止渴  Quench one's thirst by thinking of plum
危如累卵  As precarious as a pile of eggs
闻鸡起舞  Rise at cock's crow and practice with the sword
卧薪尝胆  Sleep on brushwood and taste gall
天衣无缝  A seamless heavenly rob
悬梁刺股  Tie one's hair to a beam to keep from nodding of or prod oneself awake with an awl in the thigh
掩耳盗铃  Plug one's ears while stealing a bell
夜郎自大  The ludicrous conceit of the king of Yelang
叶公好龙  Lord Ye's love of dragons
一鸣惊人  Issue a cry to shake the world
一鼓作气  Get something done in one effort
一叶障目  不见泰山  A leaf before the eye shuts out Mt . Tai
疑邻偷斧  Suspect the neighbor of stealing an axe
有志竟成  Where there's a will, there's a way
余音绕梁  The music lingers in the air long after the performance
鹬蚌相争  渔翁得利  When the snipe and the clam grapple, it's the fisherman who stands to benefit
争先恐后  Strive to be the first and fear to lag behind
郑人买履  The man from Zheng buys shoes
纸上谈兵  Fight only on paper
指鹿为马  Call a stag a horse
趾高气扬  Strut about and give oneself airs
朝三暮四  Blow hot and cold
自相矛盾  Contradict oneself
坐井观天  Look at the sky from the bottom of a well
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Easy Way to Learn Chinese Idioms (English-Chinese)