Discover China (Student's Book 2)

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Page: 192
Publication Date: 01/2001
ISBN: 9787513508988

Discover China is a set of coursebooks specially designed for young adult learners and employs a communicative approach to language learning. Emphasis is placed on pair work, group work and on a wide variety of speaking and listening activities to help students become confident Chinese language speakers. Authentic, everyday contexts to make learning more meaningful and prepare students for real life situations. Inductive grammar approach helping students independently recognise and understand Chinese language. Systematic vocabulary development through topic-based practice and extension exercises, preparing students for levels 1-3 of the HSK proficiency test. Meaningful reading practice with engaging texts in authentic-like contexts with varied practice activities. Focused writing development for the most frequently-used Chinese characters. Insights into Chinese culture with “Cultural Corner” sections in each unit, promoting a deeper understanding of this remarkable country and its language.

Table of Contents
Unit 1 What a busy day!
Unit 2 I love the snow!
Unit 3 Happy New Year!
Unit 4 How do we get there?
Review 1
Unit 5 Do you have a reservation?
Unit 6 No photos!
Unit 7 Sichuan food is really spicy!
Unit 8 Could it be a little cheaper?
Review 2
Unit 9 The scenery here is amazing!
Unit 10 What does she look like?
Unit 11 I'm not feeling well.
Unit 12 You'll really like her!
Review 3
Pinyin guide
Pairwork activities
Grammar reference
Picture captions
Discover China (Student's Book 2)