Designs of Chinese Blessings-Wealth

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Designs of Chinese Blessings is a compilation of special good luck pictures passed down in Mr. Huang's Family for several generations as well chose which Mr. Huang has been collecting for dozens of years. Their beauty is beyond description. The book consists of five sections: Good Fortune, High salary, Longevity, Happiness, and Wealth. Witch 119 pictures in each section, the whole book contains 595 pictures and is a complete representation of the various aspects of traditional Chinese Good luck pictures.
Table of Contents
人臻五福  花满三春 May People Enjoy a full of Blessings, and Let Flowers Bloom Throughout Spring Time
一本万利  A small investment brings a ten-thousand-fold profit
一万十余  In abundance and good fortune
一掷百万  Immense returns with a small investment
一掷千金  To put down a large sum of money
十全图    The picture of 10 coins
九贡      Nine kinds of tributes
三猴烫猪  Three monkeys and a pig
大吉图    The picture of great fortune
大吉大利  Extremely fortunate and smooth
大吉大利  Extremely fortunate and prosperous
丰财聚宝  Getting rich and wealthy
元宝成山  Piles of shoe-shaped gold ingots
五谷丰登  A bumper harvest of the five cereals
五谷六畜  Five cereals and six livestock
日进斗金  Earning large quantities of gold each day
玉堂富贵  Wealth and rank in harmonious and well-off families
功名富贵  Official rank leads to wealth
平安富贵  Peace and wealth
龙抬头    The dragon raises its head
出门见喜  To see magpies on stepping out of home
叱石为羊  A shout at the stones turn them back into sheep
瓜瓞富贵  Generations of children, wealth and good fortune
生意兴隆  Prosperous business
生肖发财  To make a fortune every year
富贵大吉  Wealth and rank and extremely good fortune
富贵万代  Wealth and tank to thousands of generations
富贵万年  Wealth and rank for 10,000 years
富贵无极  Endless wealth and rank
富贵长春  Wealth, rank, and lasting spring time
富贵平安  Wealth, rank, and peace
富贵平安  Wealth, rank, and peace
富贵有余  Plenty of wealth and high rank
富贵有余  Plenty of Wealth and lasting high rank
富贵有余  Plenty of Wealth and lasting high rank
富贵荣华  Wealth and high rank
富贵姻缘  marriage fate of wealth and high rank
富贵童子  Children of wealth and high rank
善财童子  Child Shancai
满堂富贵  A household full of wealth
满园堆金  A full garden of gold
摇钱树    A tree that sheds coins when shaken
聚宝盆    A treasure bowl
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Designs of Chinese Blessings-Wealth