Designs of Chinese Blessings - Happiness

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Designs of Chinese Blessings is a compilation of special good luck pictures passed down in Mr. Huang's Family for several generations as well chose which Mr. Huang has been collecting for dozens of years. Their beauty is beyond description. The book consists of five sections: Good Fortune, High salary, Longevity, Happiness, and Wealth. Witch 119 pictures in each section, the whole book contains 595 pictures and is a complete representation of the various aspects of traditional Chinese Good luck pictures.
Table of Contents
人臻五福  花满三春
May People Enjoy a full of Blessings, and Let Flowers Bloom Throughout Spring Time
一团和气  Intimacy with He(Shen)
一团和气  Harmony and kindness
九重春色  Long-lasting beauty of spring
子孙万代  Thousands of generations of offsprings
万代常春  Youth and vitality for all generations of people
万事大吉  Fine and complete in everything
万事如意  Smooth and heart-contented in all things
马上平安  Peace on horse back
天中集瑞  All good fortune gathered
天从人愿  May heaven follow the will of man
天仙送子  New-born babies sent by the fairies
双喜同心  Devoted newlyweds
欢喜临门  Double happiness visits the door
双喜临门  Double happiness at the door
双狮戏球  a pair of lions play with a ball
玉镜合璧  Faithful and devoted husband and wife
正午牡丹  The prime of prosperity
龙凤呈祥  Happy marriages
龙生九子  The nine sons of the dragon
平安如意  Peace and satisfaction
兄弟同乐  Brothers in harmony
四喜图    Picture of four-happiness
四子同乐  Four children in harmony
喜上加喜  Happiness upon happiness
喜上眉梢  Jubilance
喜从天降  Happiness descends from heaven
喜在眼前  Happiness right at present
喜报春光  Announcement of the arrival of spring
喜结良缘  A happy marriage fate
喜鹊登梅  Magpies on plum trees
新韶如意  All to the heart's content at the new spring
福增贵子  More good fortune and children
榴开百子  A cut-up pomegranate with numerous seeds
鹤庆吉祥  Happiness and good fortune
聪明伶俐  Bright and smart children
麒趾呈祥  May the children be wise and capable
麒凤呈祥  A peaceful and stable society
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Designs of Chinese Blessings - Happiness