Common English-Chinese and Chinese-English Vocabularies and Phrases in Ecology

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Author: Yang Dongfang; Wang Fengyou;
Language: Chinese, English
Format: 23.6 x 16.8 x 1.5 cm
Page: 220
Publication Date: 11/2017
ISBN: 9787030491404
Publisher: Science Press
Table of Contents
第一部分 (Part One)英-汉对照(English-Chinese) 1
第二部分 (Part Two)汉-英对照(Chinese-English) 105
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第一部分 生态学常见词汇和短语(英-汉对照)
PART ONE Common Ecological Vocabularies and Phrases(English-Chinese)
A/D collection A/D 采集
abandoned arable land 退耕撂荒地
abandoned dregs area 弃渣场
abandoned land 撂荒地,弃耕地
abandoned mined land 采矿废弃地
abated effect 减弱作用
ability of holding water and preventing erosion 保水防蚀能力
ability to resist wind erosion 抗风蚀性
above ground biomass 地上生物量
abrupt sediment yield 突变型产沙
abrupt slope land 陡坡地
abscisic acid(ABA)脱落酸
absolute positioning of GPS GPS 单点定位
absorbing nitrogen feature 吸氮特性
absorption characteristic 吸收特性
accelerated erosion 加速侵蚀
accelerated erosion by human’s activity 人为加速侵蚀
acclimatization 驯化
accompanying bacterium 伴生细菌
accumulated infiltration amount 累积入渗量
accumulation of nutrient 养分积累
accumulation peak 累积峰
accumulation rate 富集率
accumulative infiltration 累积入渗量
accurate fertilization 精确施肥
accurate irrigation 精确灌溉
acephate 乙酰甲胺磷
acid extractable 酸提取态
acid hydrolysis 酸水解
acid precipitation 酸沉降
acid rain 酸雨
acid volatile sulfide(AVS)酸可挥发性硫化物
acid yellow soil 酸性黄壤
acid-aluminum stress 酸铝胁迫
acidic brown soil 酸性棕壤
acidic polysaccharide 酸性多糖
acidic purple soil 酸性紫色土
acidification 酸化
acoustic emission(AE)声发射
acrylate 丙烯酸酯
acting mechanism 作用机制
actinomyces 放线菌
activated aluminum 活性铝
activated carbon(AC)活性炭
activated carbon fiber 活性炭纤维
activated oxygen 活性氧
activation 活化
active aluminum form 活性铝形态
active microbiomass 活跃微生物量
activity degree 活动度
activity of antioxidant enzyme 抗氧化酶活性
activity rhythm 活动规律
actual land use decision making 现实土地利用决策
actuality 现状
acute toxicity 急性毒性
adaptation to ecological environment 生态适宜型
adaptive strategy 适应对策
added cadmium 外源镉
added lead 外源铅
additive 添加物
adequate water supply 充分供水
adjust control agent 调控剂
administration and development 管理和发展
adsorbent hydroxyl aluminum 吸附态羟基铝
adsorbing trait 吸附特征
adsorption 吸附
adsorption and fixation 吸持
adsorption capacity 吸附容量
adsorption mechanism 吸附机制
adsorption of phosphorus 磷吸附
adsorption-desorption 吸附-解吸
adsorption-exchange 吸附-交换
advanced progress 前沿进展
advanced very high resolution radiometer(AVHRR)先进超高分辨率辐射计
adventitious bud 不定芽
adventitious root 不定根
aeolian sand 风成沙,风积沙
aeolian sandy soil 风沙土
aeration 曝气
aerial seeding 飞播
aerial seeding stand 飞播林
aerial sowing of tree 飞播造林
aeroanion 空气负离子
aerobic cultivation of rice 水稻旱作
aerobic rice 旱作水稻
aerodynamics roughness length 空气动力学粗糙度
afforestation and reforestation project 造林和再造林项目
afforestation on dry and impoverished hilly region 干旱瘠薄山区造林
afforestation species 造林树种
afforestation technique 造林技术
afforestation/reforestation 造林/再造林
afforested land 人工造林地
afforesting cliff 陡壁绿化
age effect 年龄效应
aggradation and degradation calculation 冲淤计算
aggregate 聚集体
aggregation intensity 聚集强度
agricultural development 农业发展
agricultural development area 农业开发区
agricultural ecological and economic security of the watershed 流域农业 生态和经济安全
agricultural ecological security 农业生 态安全
agricultural industry structure 农业产 业结构
agricultural integrated development 农业综合开发
agricultural activity 农业活动
agricultural policy environmental expansion(APEX)model 农业政策与环境拓展模型
agricultural productivity 农业生产力
agricultural soil and water environment 农业水土环境
agricultural structure adjusting 农业结构调整
agricultural suitability 农用适宜性
agricultural sustainable development 农业可持续发展
agricultural vulnerability to flood-waterlog ging 农业水灾脆弱性
agriculture ecological environment 农业生态环境
agriculture farming measure 农业耕作措施
agriculture non-point source pollution 农业面源污染
agriculture production model 农业生产模式
agriculture utilization of lake sediment 农用湖底泥
agro contaminant 农业污染物
agro economic increase 农业经济增长
agro grassland ecosystem 草地农业生态系统
Agrobacterium mediated 农杆菌介导
Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated transformation 根癌农杆菌介导转化
agro-chemical measure 农化措施
agro-ecosystem 农业生态系统,农田生态系统
agroforestry 复合农林业
agroforestry economic system 农林复合生态经济系统
agroforestry ecosystem 农林复合生态系统
agroforestry management 农林复合经营
agroforestry structure 农林复合结构
agroforestry system 农林复合系统
agro-fruit ecosystem 农果复合生态系统
air and shallow soil temperature 气温和浅层地温
air flow pressure field 空气流压场
air resistance 气阻
air-dried density 气干密度
A-K network A-K 网络
albic soil 白浆土
aleuritic acid 紫胶桐酸
algebra model 代数模型
alien species 外来种
alkaline and saline soil 盐碱土
alkali-spot land 碱斑地
alkaloid 生物碱,苦豆碱
allelopathy 化感作用
alley cropping 植物篱,经济植物篱,胡同式农业
allocation of artificial forest 树种配置

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