Chong Qing Statistical Yearbook2008

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The Chongqing Statistical Yearbook 2008 is a large annual statistical publication compiled by Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Statistics and issued by China Statistics Press openly, which covers not only comprehensive data on Chongqing's social and economic development in 2007 and some selected data series in historically important years, but also the major statistics on all districts (counties), as well as main data of the state, provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the jurisdiction of central government.
Table of Contents

The yearbook contains 21 chapters, including
1. Comprehensive statistics,
2.national Economic Accounting,
3.Population and Employment,
4.Investment in Fixed Assets,
5.Resource and Environment,
6.Government Finance,
7.People's Livelihood and prices,8.Urban Construction,
9.Markets of Key factors,
10.Agriculture and Rural Economy,
13.Transportation, Postal and Telecommunication Services,
14.Domestic Trade,
15.Foreign economic Relations, trade and Tourism,
16.Financial Statistics,
17.Education, Science, Technology and Culture,
18.Public Health, Sports and Other Social Activities,
19.Districts and Development Zones,
20.Resettlement of Chongqing Reservoir Area of Three Gorges Project,
21.Roster of Basic Unit

APPENDIX appends main data of the state, province, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the jurisdiction of central government

Chong Qing Statistical Yearbook2008