Chinese Literature: Vol 3

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As a result, despitebeing carefully selective, Liu Lianghe just could notdecide. He hovered in between the bolts of cloth, untilthere was only one customer-himself-left in the store.Then Liu Lianghe approached Zhuo Xia. 
With a fluid glance, he said softly, "Help me decide, Ireally can't do it." 
Zhuo Xia replied, "You can't even choose one amonga hundred types of material, so after you leave the clothin my store will surely cry out aggrieved!" 
Liu Lianghe said, "If you were a bolt of cloth on theshelf upright, it would not be difficult for me to choose." 
Zhuo Xia understood such a thinly veiled statementto be a testing of the wind, but she did not want to getemotionally entangled with a married man. So she saidself-mockingly, "If I were some cloth, I'd be just anotherbolt placed at the bottom of the warehouse, of neithergood colors nor fine texture." With this, she hurried tochange the topic to the real cloth at hand, saying, "Thereis no lack of spandex used in sportswear fabrics on themarket. It drapes well, but once clothes drape the bodytoo well, they cut you down thinner like a knife, so thesewouldn't suit you. If you need comfort and durability,you should choose cotton. Cotton not only breathes, andabsorbs sweat, it can also fill you out in profile, and helpyou gain a few grams of flesh, so you appear sturdier.As for its shortcomings, it wrinkles easily after washing,but since you have a virtuous and hardworking wife, thatiron of hers will smooth out any problems." Saying that,Zhuo Xia chose two types of cotton for Liu Lianghe, abrown and a creamy white, and then she took his meas-urements. Picking up a measuring tape, she alternatelysquatted or stood up, to measure the length of his pants,his hipline, waistline and his chest. When it came to hissleeve and shoulder measurements, even if Zhuo Xiastood on her tiptoes it took too much effort, so she askedLiu Lianghe to sit down. She did not face his face, butmeasured his shoulders while standing by his side, andhis sleeve lengths while standing behind him. Of course,Liu Lianghe could read between the lines of those twogestures, so while leavinghe emitted a bitter laugh.
Chinese Literature: Vol 3