The Forbidden City Memories in Ink

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Sample pages of The Forbidden City Memories in Ink (ISBN:9787508637907) 

October 15,2002 
Cloudy sky,brisk air.I arrive at nine.A pleasant woman-slim,fair somplexion,and large almond-shaped eyes-worries about my lunch.She gives me food tickets like the staff normally use.Well,am I not also a Forbidden City employee,as written on my pass?At noon,she leads me to a nearby canteen,installed in a hut in the tourist area.I share a meal with her.Amazed,the waitresses try to read the pass hanging from my neck,and observe this foreigner's skill in using chopsticks. 
After lunch,my white lady" insists on showing me other courtyards like the one I am working in.As we enter,her face freezes:in a recent renovation,all the trees have been cut down,and the ground has been covered with gray cement paving-slabs.Disappointed,we take our leave.In this place formerly reserved to the Emperor's children,I remember a book of legends and anecdotes about a strange event that happened during the Ming Dynasty,at the end of Wanli's reign.In the spring of 1615,a mysterious peasant was arrested at Ciqinggong-one of the three south residences,then belonging to Prince Zhu Changluo.
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The Forbidden City Memories in Ink