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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 fānfan1to turn over; to flip over; to overturn; to rummage through; to translate; to decode; to double; to climb over or into; to cross; variant of
2推翻 tuī fāntui1 fan1to overthrow
3翻译 翻譯 fān fan1 yi4to translate; to interpret; translator; interpreter; translation; interpretation; Classifiers:
4翻身 fān shēnfan1 shen1to turn over (when lying); (fig.) to free oneself; to emancipate oneself; to bring about a change of one's fortunes
5翻滚 翻滾 fān gǔnfan1 gun3to roll; to boil
6翻开 翻開 fān kāifan1 kai1to open up
7翻腾 翻騰 fān téngfan1 teng2to turn over; to surge; to churn; to rummage; raging (torrent)
8侧空翻 側空翻 kōng fānce4 kong1 fan1aerial cartwheel; side somersault
9打翻 fānda3 fan1to overturn; to overthrow; to strike down (an enemy)
10打翻了的牛奶而哭泣 fān le de niú nǎi ér da3 fan1 le5 de5 niu2 nai3 er2 ku1 qi4to weep over spilt milk
11打翻身仗 fān shēn zhàngda3 fan1 shen1 zhang4to work hard towards a turnaround; to fight to reverse sth
12倒海翻江 dǎo hǎi fān jiāngdao3 hai3 fan1 jiang1see 翻江倒海
13地牛翻身 niú fān shēndi4 niu2 fan1 shen1(Tw) (coll.) earthquake (According to a folk tale, earthquakes are caused by the occasional movements of an ox that lives under the earth.)
14兜翻 dōu fāndou1 fan1to expose; to turn over
15翻案 fān ànfan1 an4to reverse a verdict; to present different views on a historical person or verdict
16翻白眼 fān bái yǎnfan1 bai2 yan3to roll one's eyes
17翻版 fān bǎnfan1 ban3to reprint; reproduction; pirate copy; (fig.) imitation; carbon copy; clone
18翻版碟 fān bǎn diéfan1 ban3 die2copy of DVD; pirate DVD
19翻倍 fān bèifan1 bei4to double
20翻遍 fān biànfan1 bian4to rummage through; to turn everything over; to ransack
21翻波打滚 翻波打滾 fān gǔnfan1 bo1 da3 gun3to raise a ruckus (idiom)
22翻唱 fān chàngfan1 chang4cover song; to cover a song
23翻炒 fān chǎofan1 chao3to stir-fry
24翻车鱼 翻車魚 fān chē fan1 che1 yu2ocean sunfish (Mola mola)
25翻沉 fān chénfan1 chen2to capsize and sink
26翻船 fān chuánfan1 chuan2to capsize; (fig.) to suffer a setback or defeat
27翻倒 fān dǎofan1 dao3to overturn; to overthrow; to capsize; to collapse
28翻动 翻動 fān dòngfan1 dong4to flip over; to turn (a page); to scroll (an electronic document); to stir (food in a pot etc); to move things about; to rummage
29翻番 fān fānfan1 fan1to double; to increase by a certain number of times
30翻覆 fān fan1 fu4to overturn (a vehicle); to capsize; to turn upside down; to change completely
31翻盖 翻蓋 fān gàifan1 gai4flip-top (mobile phone, handbag etc); to rebuild; to renovate
32翻跟斗 fān gēn dǒufan1 gen1 dou3to turn a somersault
33翻跟头 翻跟頭 fān gēn toufan1 gen1 tou5to turn a somersault
34翻耕 fān gēngfan1 geng1to plow; to turn the soil
35翻供 fān gòngfan1 gong4to retract testimony; to withdraw a confession
36翻过 翻過 fān guòfan1 guo4to turn over; to transform
37翻过来 翻過來 fān guò láifan1 guo4 lai2to overturn; to turn upside down
38翻悔 fān huǐfan1 hui3to renege; to go back (on a deal); to back out (of a promise)
39翻拣 翻揀 fān jiǎnfan1 jian3to rummage; to look through; to leaf through; to browse and select; to glance through and check
40翻江倒海 fān jiāng dǎo hǎifan1 jiang1 dao3 hai3lit. overturning seas and rivers (idiom); fig. overwhelming; earth-shattering; in a spectacular mess
41翻搅 翻攪 fān jiǎofan1 jiao3to stir up; to turn over
42翻筋斗 fān jīn dǒufan1 jin1 dou3to tumble; to turn a somersault
43翻旧如新 翻舊如新 fān jiù xīnfan1 jiu4 ru2 xin1to repair sth. old and make it as good as new (idiom)
44翻旧账 翻舊賬 fān jiù zhàngfan1 jiu4 zhang4to turn over old accounts; fig. to revive old quarrels; to reopen old wounds
45翻卷 fān juǎnfan1 juan3to spin; to whirl around
46翻看 fān kànfan1 kan4to browse; to look over (books)
47翻空出奇 fān kōng chū fan1 kong1 chu1 qi2to overturn empty convention, and display originality (idiom); new and different ideas
48翻来覆去 翻來覆去 fān lái fan1 lai2 fu4 qu4to toss and turn (sleeplessly); again and again
49翻老皇历 翻老皇曆 fān lǎo huáng fan1 lao3 huang2 li4to look to the past for guidance (idiom)
50翻老账 翻老賬 fān lǎo zhàngfan1 lao3 zhang4to turn over old accounts; fig. to revive old quarrels; to reopen old wounds
51翻脸 翻臉 fān liǎnfan1 lian3to fall out with sb; to become hostile
52翻脸不认人 翻臉不認人 fān liǎn rèn rénfan1 lian3 bu4 ren4 ren2to fall out with sb and become hostile
53翻领 翻領 fān lǐngfan1 ling3turndown collar; lapel
54翻拍 fān pāifan1 pai1to reproduce photographically; to duplicate; to adapt (as a movie); to remake (a movie); adaptation; reproduction; remake
55翻盘 翻盤 fān pánfan1 pan2to make a comeback; (of a doctor's assessment of the gender of a fetus) to turn out to be wrong
56翻篇儿 翻篇兒 fān piān rfan1 pian1 r5to turn a page; (fig.) to turn over a new leaf
57翻墙 翻牆 fān qiángfan1 qiang2lit. to climb over the wall; fig. to breach the Great Firewall of China
58翻墙越脊 翻牆越脊 fān qiáng yuè fan1 qiang2 yue4 ji3to make one's way into a house over walls and roofs (idiom)
59翻然 fān ránfan1 ran2suddenly and completely (realize, change one's strategy etc); also written 幡然
60翻然改图 翻然改圖 fān rán gǎi fan1 ran2 gai3 tu2to quickly change one's plans (idiom)
61翻然悔悟 fān rán huǐ fan1 ran2 hui3 wu4to see the error of one's ways; to make a clean break with one's past
62翻山越岭 翻山越嶺 fān shān yuè lǐngfan1 shan1 yue4 ling3to pass over mountains ridges (idiom); fig. hardships of the journey
63翻石鹬 翻石鷸 fān shí fan1 shi2 yu4(bird species of China) ruddy turnstone (Arenaria interpres)
64翻手为云覆手变雨 翻手為雲覆手變雨 fān shǒu wéi yún shǒu biàn fan1 shou3 wei2 yun2 fu4 shou3 bian4 yu3lit. turning his hand palm up he gathers the clouds, turning his hand palm down he turns them to rain; very powerful and capable (idiom)
65翻糖 fān tángfan1 tang2fondant (loanword)
66翻天覆地 fān tiān fan1 tian1 fu4 di4sky and the earth turning upside down (idiom); fig. complete confusion; everything turned on its head
67翻箱倒柜 翻箱倒櫃 fān xiāng dǎo guìfan1 xiang1 dao3 gui4to overturn trunks and boxes; to make a thorough search (idiom)
68翻箱倒箧 翻箱倒篋 fān xiāng dǎo qièfan1 xiang1 dao3 qie4to overturn trunks and boxes; to make a thorough search (idiom)
69翻新 fān xīnfan1 xin1to revamp; a face-lift; to retread (a tire); to refurbish (old clothes); newly emerging
70翻新后 翻新後 fān xīn hòufan1 xin1 hou4after refurbishment
71翻修 fān xiūfan1 xiu1to rebuild (house or road); to overhaul
72翻译家 翻譯家 fān jiāfan1 yi4 jia1translator (of writings)
73翻译学徒 翻譯學徒 fān xué fan1 yi4 xue2 tu2apprentice translator
74翻译者 翻譯者 fān zhěfan1 yi4 zhe3translator; interpreter
75翻印 fān yìnfan1 yin4reprint; to reissue; to publish a new edition
76翻涌 翻湧 fān yǒngfan1 yong3to roll over and over (of billows or clouds)
77翻越 fān yuèfan1 yue4to thumb through; to flip through (a book); to cross; to surmount; to transcend
78翻云覆雨 翻雲覆雨 fān yún fan1 yun2 fu4 yu3to produce clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another (idiom); fig. to shift one's ground; tricky and inconstant; to make love
79翻造 fān zàofan1 zao4to rebuild; to renovate
80翻转 翻轉 fān zhuǎnfan1 zhuan3to roll; to turn over; to invert; to flip
81翻子拳 fān zi quánfan1 zi5 quan2Fanziquan - "Overturning Fist" - Martial Art
82翻嘴 fān zuǐfan1 zui3to withdraw a remark; to quarrel
83翻作 fān zuòfan1 zuo4to compose; to write words to a tune
84飞身翻腾 飛身翻騰 fēi shēn fān téngfei1 shen1 fan1 teng2flying somersault
85官翻 guān fānguan1 fan1(of electronic goods) refurbished
86横翻筋斗 橫翻筋斗 héng fān jīn dǒuheng2 fan1 jin1 dou3to turn cartwheels
87后翻筋斗 後翻筋斗 hòu fān jīn dǒuhou4 fan1 jin1 dou3backward somersault
88后空翻 後空翻 hòu kōng fānhou4 kong1 fan1backward somersault; backflip
89机翻 機翻 fānji1 fan1machine translation (abbr. for 机器翻译 )
90机器翻译 機器翻譯 fān ji1 qi4 fan1 yi4machine translation
91机械翻译 機械翻譯 xiè fān ji1 xie4 fan1 yi4machine translation
92家翻宅乱 家翻宅亂 jiā fān zhái luànjia1 fan1 zhai2 luan4There is no peace in the house. (idiom)
93空翻 kōng fānkong1 fan1flip; somersault
94拇外翻 wài fānmu3 wai4 fan1bunion; hallux valgus
95闹翻 鬧翻 nào fānnao4 fan1to have a falling out; to have a big argument
96闹翻天 鬧翻天 nào fān tiānnao4 fan1 tian1to create a big disturbance
97泼墨翻澜 潑墨翻瀾 fān lánpo1 mo4 fan1 lan2to use ink freely and boldly (idiom)
98前空翻 qián kōng fānqian2 kong1 fan1forward somersault; front flip
99倾翻 傾翻 qīng fānqing1 fan1to overturn; to topple; to tip
100人仰马翻 人仰馬翻 rén yǎng fānren2 yang3 ma3 fan1to suffer a crushing defeat (idiom); in a pitiful state; in a complete mess; to roll (with laughter)
101睡翻作魔 shuì fān zuò shui4 fan1 zuo4 mo2to have a nightmare (idiom)
102天翻地覆 tiān fān tian1 fan1 di4 fu4sky and the earth turning upside down (idiom); fig. complete confusion; everything turned on its head
103同声翻译 同聲翻譯 tóng shēng fān tong2 sheng1 fan1 yi4simultaneous translation
104掀翻 xiān fānxian1 fan1to turn sth over; to overturn
105咸鱼翻身 鹹魚翻身 xián fān shēnxian2 yu2 fan1 shen1lit. the salted fish turns over (idiom); fig. to experience a reversal of fortune
106向后翻腾 向後翻騰 xiàng hòu fān téngxiang4 hou4 fan1 teng2backward somersault
107向前翻腾 向前翻騰 xiàng qián fān téngxiang4 qian2 fan1 teng2forward somersault
108心潮滚翻 心潮滾翻 xīn cháo gǔn fānxin1 chao2 gun3 fan1One's heart is in a turmoil. (idiom)
109玄黄翻覆 玄黃翻覆 xuán huáng fān xuan2 huang2 fan1 fu4overthrow of heaven and earth (idiom)
110炎凉翻案 炎涼翻案 yán liáng fān ànyan2 liang2 fan1 an4reversal of fortunes (idiom)
111易如翻掌 fān zhǎngyi4 ru2 fan1 zhang3see 易如反掌
112阴沟里翻船 陰溝裡翻船 yīn gōu fān chuányin1 gou1 li3 fan1 chuan2to meet with unexpected failure (idiom); to fail miserably (where failure was not expected)
113鹰爪翻子拳 鷹爪翻子拳 yīng zhuǎ fān zi quánying1 zhua3 fan1 zi5 quan2Ying Zhua Fan Zi Quan - "Eagle Claw" - Martial Art; Ying Zhua Fan Zi Quan - "Eagle Claw" - Martial Art
114正式翻译 正式翻譯 zhèng shì fān zheng4 shi4 fan1 yi4formal translation (linguistics)

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