User Guide for Chinese English Dictionary

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  • Allow search by Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / English word / Pinyin 
  • Chinese handwriting recognizer. Enter Chinese characters just by drawing them with your mouse/finger.
  • Provide Pinyin table, which lists all Pinyin combination used in standard Mandarin
  • Print and export details to Word document
  • Generate handwriting practice sheet
  • Provide extension and app for Google Chrome browser
  • For single Chinese character, provide 
    • Pinyin
    • Traditional version (if any)
    • Character structure information (total stroke, radical, component) 
    • Images/animations for stroke order
    • English definition
    • Most frequently used Chinese words as examples
  • For Chinese words, provide 
    • Pinyin
    • Traditional version (if any)
    • English definition
    • Sample sentence show you how words are used

How to Use

Landing Page

A Search Box: Input your search word here, which can be Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / English word / Pinyin. For Pinyin search, please use number 1-5 for tones, and u: for ü. Space is needed to separate each pinyin, e.g. pin1 yin1
B Mouse Writing Input: Open the mouse writing panel. 
C Mouse Writing Panel: Use your mouse to draw the Chinese character on the left panel, corresponding characters will be listed on the right side, you can click on the character to add  it into the search box
D Show/Hide Pinyin Table: Open/Close Pinyin Table
E Pinyin Table: The Pinyin Table (汉语拼音表) provides complete list of all Pinyin combinations used in standard Mandarin Chineese. Empty cells on the table means the corresponding syllables do not exist. When you mouseover on a valid combination, you will see a popup which shows the tone variations of the syllable.
F Tone Variations Popup: Only the tone variations that exist in standard Mandarin are listed. You can click on the tone variations to listen and practice the pronunciation. For each variation, two characters are provided as examples  

Single Character Information:

A Character structure: Strtucture of this character, which inlcudes total stroker number, radical and basic components. You can also mouseover on the radical to view more information like pinyin and meaning
B Stroker Order Image: Images show the stroke orders of this character
C Stroker Order Anmiation: Stroke order shown in flash anmiation
D Example Words: Five frequently used words as example 
E Generate Practice Sheet: Generate handwriting practice sheet in PDF format
F Export to Word: Export the result to Word document 
G Print: If you have PDF printer installed, you can use this function to export the page into PDF document
H Search box: Start a new search

Chinese Word Information:

A Character information: You can click a Chinese character to see the character details
B Sample Sentence: For each sample sentence, you can mouseover the character/word to search it in the dictionary. 

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