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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1拼命 pīn mìngpin1 ming4to do one's utmost; with all one's might; at all costs; (to work or fight) as if one's life depends on it
2 pīnpin1to piece together; to join together; to stake all; adventurous; at the risk of one's life; to spell
3拼音 pīn yīnpin1 yin1phonetic writing; pinyin (Chinese romanization)
4拼搏 pīn pin1 bo2to struggle; to wrestle
5拼板 pīn bǎnpin1 ban3to typeset; to make up (printers' plates); to edge-join boards with glue to form a panel (woodworking)
6拼板胶 拼板膠 pīn bǎn jiāopin1 ban3 jiao1laminating glue
7拼板玩具 pīn bǎn wán pin1 ban3 wan2 ju4jigsaw puzzle; wood block puzzle
8拼板游戏 拼板遊戲 pīn bǎn yóu pin1 ban3 you2 xi4jigsaw puzzle; wood block puzzle
9拼布图形 拼布圖形 pīn xíngpin1 bu4 tu2 xing2jigsaw puzzle
10拼餐 pīn cānpin1 can1(of people with tight budget) to enjoy various dishes at the restaurant by ordering the food together and then sharing the costs
11拼车 拼車 pīn chēpin1 che1to carpool
12拼成 pīn chéngpin1 cheng2to put sth together from component parts
13拼刺 pīn pin1 ci4bayonet charge
14拼刺刀 pīn dāopin1 ci4 dao1bayonet charge
15拼凑 拼湊 pīn còupin1 cou4to assemble; to put together
16拼攒 拼攢 pīn cuánpin1 cuan2to assemble
17拼错 拼錯 pīn cuòpin1 cuo4to misspell; to piece together incorrectly
18拼到底 pīn dào pin1 dao4 di3to brave it out; to the bitter end
19拼爹 pīn diēpin1 die1(slang) to rely on one's father's wealth or prestige to get ahead
20拼斗 拼鬥 pīn dòupin1 dou4to engage (in a fight)
21拼读 拼讀 pīn pin1 du2to pronounce a word after mentally processing its spelling; (phonics) blending
22拼法 pīn pin1 fa3spelling; orthography
23拼房 pīn fángpin1 fang2to rent a place with sb else to share the costs
24拼合 pīn pin1 he2to fit together; to put together
25拼花地板 pīn huā bǎnpin1 hua1 di4 ban3floor with tiled design
26拼花木块 拼花木塊 pīn huā kuàipin1 hua1 mu4 kuai4parquet block
27拼火 pīn huǒpin1 huo3to exchange fire
28拼接 pīn jiēpin1 jie1to put together; to join
29拼卡 pīn pin1 ka3to share a card with sb (e.g. share a loyalty card to accumulate points and split the benefits)
30拼客 pīn pin1 ke4person who joins with others to reduce costs (carpooling, group buying, sharing an apartment etc)
31拼力 pīn pin1 li4to spare no efforts
32拼拢 拼攏 pīn lǒngpin1 long3to put together
33拼命三郎 pīn mìng sān lángpin1 ming4 san1 lang2brave man, willing to risk his life
34拼命讨好 拼命討好 pīn mìng tǎo hǎopin1 ming4 tao3 hao3to throw oneself at sb or sth; to bend over backwards to help
35拼盘 拼盤 pīn pánpin1 pan2sampler platter; appetizer platter
36拼起来 拼起來 pīn qi laipin1 qi5 lai5to put together
37拼抢 拼搶 pīn qiǎngpin1 qiang3to fight desperately (at the risk of one's life)
38拼杀 拼殺 pīn shāpin1 sha1to grapple (with the enemy); to fight at the risk of one's life
39拼死 pīn pin1 si3to go all out for sth at risk of one's life
40拼死拼活 pīn pīn huópin1 si3 pin1 huo2one's utmost; (to fight or work) desperately hard; to put up a life or death struggle; at all costs
41拼贴 拼貼 pīn tiēpin1 tie1pastiche; collage
42拼图 拼圖 pīn pin1 tu2jigsaw puzzle
43拼图玩具 拼圖玩具 pīn wán pin1 tu2 wan2 ju4jigsaw puzzle
44拼写 拼寫 pīn xiěpin1 xie3to spell
45拼写错误 拼寫錯誤 pīn xiě cuò pin1 xie3 cuo4 wu4spelling mistake; written error
46拼音阶段 拼音階段 pīn yīn jiē duànpin1 yin1 jie1 duan4alphabetic stage
47拼音文字 pīn yīn wén pin1 yin1 wen2 zi4phonetic alphabet; alphabetic writing system
48拼音字母 pīn yīn pin1 yin1 zi4 mu3phonetic letters
49拼争 拼爭 pīn zhēngpin1 zheng1to fight desperately
50拼装 拼裝 pīn zhuāngpin1 zhuang1to assemble
51拼缀 拼綴 pīn zhuìpin1 zhui4to join together
52拼桌 pīn zhuōpin1 zhuo1to sit at a table with others with whom one is unacquainted
53拼字 pīn pin1 zi4to spell; spelling

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