Chinese Cuisine

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Food and Chinese Culture
ISBN: 9781592650491 | Publisher: Long River Press | Published on 05/2005 | Reviews:
This unique book is a collection of essays on Chinese food and culture by some of China's most well-known writers and cultural critics. Included...
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A Bite of China II: In Food We Trust (8 Dvds, All Regions, in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian Languages)
ISBN: 9787799834757 | Publisher: China International TV Corporation | Published on 01/2019 | Series: A Bite of China
A Bite of China is a Chinese documentary television series from CCTV. It talks on the history of food, eating, and cooking in China. The documentary...

Shanghai Dim Sum: Memory on Tongue
ISBN: 9787553518039 | Publisher: Shanghai Culture Press | Published on 10/2019

Small Pastry, Great Culture
ISBN: 9787559810403 | Publisher: Guangxi Normal University Press | Published on 08/2018

The Taetea System of Chadao Practice an Eight-step Process
ISBN: 9787119094434 | Publisher: Foreign Languages Press | Published on 01/2018
The book introduces the research and study of Chinese tea art through four parts, including the overview of tea, protocol standard, the demonstration...

Wushu Techniques Textbook Series for International Chinese Education: San Da
ISBN: 9787564437916 | Publisher: Beijing Sport University Press | Published on 02/2023 | Series: Wushu Techniques Textbook Series for International Chinese Education

China Tea (with 1 DVD)
ISBN: 7501979669,9787501979660 | Publisher: China Light Industry Press | Published on 01/2011
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Chinese Home-Style Cooking
ISBN: 7119004077 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 01/1998
The focus of this book is on family-style Chinese cooking. It includes recipes chosen from all the different cooking styles of North and South China....

Learn to Cook Chinese Dishes: Rice and Flour Food
ISBN: 9787119024882 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 01/2000 | Series: Learn to Cook Chinese Dishes
Books in the Learn to Cook Chinese Dishes series have been compiled by master chefs. They use simple explanations to introduce the ingredients, the...

A Bite of Guangdong
ISBN: 7549113033, 9787549113033 | Publisher: Nanfang Daily Press | Published on 08/2015

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Chinese people put a high premium on the taste, color and smell of food. The development and diversity of the delights of Chinese cuisine are also representative of China's long history. Here you can find books on Chinese cuisine history, introduction on the regional cuisine, Chinese eating habits, Chinese table etiquette and easy DIY recipes