Chinese Cuisine

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Chinese Foods - Culture China Series (Ebook)
ISBN: 9787508506135 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 10/2004 | Series: Culture China Series | Reviews:
  Ebook in PDF format, sample can be found here   When it comes to food,the Chinese have a common saying, "The masses regard food...

Le Massage en Couple
ISBN: 9787505405942 | Publisher: Editions Aurore | Published on 01/1999
Massage is an important part of traditional Chinese therapy, through which the human body's acupoints can be stimulated so that a good health...
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Learn China's Art of Enjoying Tea with Me (DVD) (2 Discs)
ISBN: 9787887181800 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 12/2008
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An English-Chinese Dictionary Of Food And Beverage
ISBN: 7532757676, 9787532757671 | Publisher: Shanghai Translation Publishing House | Published on 07/2012
The book includes more than 18000 flavor dishes all over the world with accurate paraphrasing and fluent language. It is concise and comprehensive,...
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Happy Healthy Drinks for Urban Livings
ISBN: 9787557016869 | Publisher: Guangdong Tourism Publish House | Published on 09/2019

Chinese Tea
ISBN: 9787208088764 | Publisher: Shanghai People's publishing House | Published on 06/2010
On a sunny or a drizzling afternoon, after driving for about half anhour out of the city along a winding but smooth highway, you willsee a quiet but...
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Easy Recipes Easy Chinese
ISBN: 7802006449,9787802006447 | Publisher: Sinolingua Press | Published on 01/2009 | Reviews:
This book presents you with 69 easy recipes for famous, home-style Chinese dishes. Each recipe is accompanied by cultural tips, and some...

Stories Behind Chinese Dishes
ISBN: 9787208088740 | Publisher: Shanghai People's publishing House | Published on 01/2010
The Chinese are a people who are fond of cuisine,such as Man-Han Banquet, snacks in imperial courtand Sichuan cuisine and who are good at...
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Tea History of Thousands of Years: An outline of Huzhou Tea Culture
ISBN: 9787567227125 | Publisher: Suzhou University Press | Published on 09/2019

Chinese Imperial Cuisines and Eating Secrets
ISBN: 9787507103762 | Publisher: Chinese Literature Press | Published on 12/1998 | Reviews:
Chinese imperial food, the essence of the Chinese dietetic culture and absorbed the Confucian, Daoist and Buddhist ideas of building health through...
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Recommended Series

Chinese people put a high premium on the taste, color and smell of food. The development and diversity of the delights of Chinese cuisine are also representative of China's long history. Here you can find books on Chinese cuisine history, introduction on the regional cuisine, Chinese eating habits, Chinese table etiquette and easy DIY recipes