Chinese Cross-Cultural Communication Course II

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Textbook for non-native Chinese learners prepared by a senior oral teaching, suitable for left and right have mastered 1800 learners vocabulary. Teaching materials combine content (CBI. namely Content-Based Instruction) concept, taking into account the structure, function long teaching principles, the financial culture in language teaching, and try to practice cultural comparison - Culture intros.
Table of Contents
第 一 课 礼貌与失礼 Politeness and Impoliteness 
第 二 课 话说面子 The Face 
第 三 课 各国名人录 The Celebrities of My Country 
第 四 课 愚公移山 Perseverance and Willpower 
第 五 课 无处不在的“中国制造” “Made in China”Everywhere 
第 六 课 跨文化的交流 Cross-cultural Communication 
第 七 课 生活中的禁忌 No-noes in Daily Life 
第 八 课 美国学生眼里的中国教育 How Do American Students Think of Chinese Education? 
第 九 课 千变万化的“炒” Amazing “Stir-fry” 
第 十 课 网络突然中断?! What? No Internet Connection? 
第十一课 “美丽”的谎言 White Lies 
第十二课 绿色生态墙 The Green Wall 
第十三课 嫁人当嫁灰太狼 Ideal Husband 
第十四课 不一样的外来词 All Kinds of Loanwords 
第十五课 休闲时光 Leisure Time 
第十六课 虚心使人进步 Modesty Helps to Make Progress 

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Chinese Cross-Cultural Communication Course II