China's World Heritages

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Language: English
Format: 240 x 185 x 12 mm
Page: 201
Publication Date: 10/2008
ISBN: 9787561921913
Level: Intermediate, Advanced

World Heritages are rare and irreplaceable assets to mankind confirmed by UNESCO World Heritage Committee. They are significant and valuable cultural relics and natural landscapes that are universally recognized. China has 37 landscapes inscribed to the World Heritage List to this day, which are precious assets that China presents to the world. 

With over 300 beautiful pictures that have been carefully selected and over 100 tips providing useful background information, this book makes a vivid and comprehensive introduction to China's 37 World Heritage sites from a unique angle so as to reveal China's natural wonders and explore the spiritual world of this ancient oriental nation.

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China's World Heritages