China Urban Life and Price Yearbook 2007

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Language: English and Chinese
Format: Paperback
Page: 400
Publication Date: 11/2007
ISBN: 7503752599
Publisher: China Statistics Press
Series: China Urban Life and Price Yearbook
I, "Chinese cities (town) living with a price Yearbook 2007" in the "Household Income and Expenditure Survey of urban residents information" and "China Statistical Yearbook prices" on the basis of the data and re-enrichment, an increase of English. Yearbook of the system is a collection of the 2006 Household Income and Expenditure Survey of urban residents, urban development, basic information, price data, is a more comprehensive reflection of Chinese cities (town) people's standard of living and price index for all types of professional integrated Yearbook.
Second, the Yearbook is divided into four main parts, the first part of the urban residents in family income and consumption; second part of the city and economic resources; third part of the urban quality of life and the environment; the fourth part of the price index. Pianmo with the main statistical indicators to explain.
Third, the Almanac covered by the national statistics, not including Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions and Taiwan Province of information.
Fourth, Yearbook data used in the measurement units are used worldwide standard units of measurement.
Table of Contents
1. Urban household income and consumption
2. Cities and economic resources
3. Urban quality of life and the environment
4. Price index
5. The main statistical indicators to explain
China Urban Life and Price Yearbook 2007