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Three Parallel Rivers
ISBN: 9787503228667 | Published on 07/2006
With illustrated pictures this book introduces Three Parallel Rivers in Yunnan Province: the Jinsha River, the Lancang River and the Nu River.Because...

Beijing Restaurants & Food Guide
ISBN: 9787503229756 | Published on 01/2006

Auspicious Designs of China
ISBN: 7503218908 | Published on 01/2006
The book introduces the four kinds of Chinese auspicious designs – auspicious divinities, plants, animals, and things, objects, and Chinese...

The Yearbook of China Tourism 2005
ISBN: 7503227702 | Published on 12/2005 | Series: The Yearbook of China Tourism Statistics
The Yearbook of China Tourism Statistics for 2005 is a yearly review with information on the overall development of the tourism industry in the...

Compendium of Tourism Statistics 2005
ISBN: 7503227516 | Published on 11/2005
This book contains 208 countries and regions tourism statistics, including countries (regions) immigration, domestic tourism, outbound tourism,...

The Summer Palace Long Corridor Pictures - a collection of stories portayed by them
ISBN: 7503221909 | Published on 08/2003
The Summer Palace Of Beijing, the largest and best preserved of all Chinese imperial gardens, boasts many features-a lake that occupies three-fourths...

ISBN: 9787503221361 | Published on 05/2003
To roam around this grand metropolis, it will bring you a great enjoyment as well as a refreshing excitement. And both of them are bound to give the...

ISBN: 9787503220951 | Published on 01/2003
Beijing is a unique and charming city with its own features. Wherever you go, either walking in hundred years old imperial palaces and gardens, or...

The Charms of China
ISBN: 9787503217142 | Published on 09/2002
This engrossing book contains photographs of West China by Mr.Tan Ming. West China, including frigid Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and arid or semi-arid...

Things Chinese
ISBN: 7503218568/9787503218569 | Published on 04/2002
There must be a reason behind the writing of a book. In this case, the idea for writing Things Chinese was inspired by a French friend visiting China.

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