China Statistical Yearbook on Science and Technology 2005

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The China Statistical Yearbook on Science and Technology 2005 is prepared jointly by the National Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Science and Technology. The Yearbook, which covers data series at the national, provincial and local levels, and autonomous regions, as well as departments directly under the State Council, reports on the development of China's science and technology activities.
Table of Contents
The first part of the whole society for scientific and technological activities of the comprehensive statistical information;
The second level and above is divided into research and development institutions statistical information technology activities;
Part III is divided into large and medium-sized industrial enterprises and high-tech industry statistics on science and technology activities;
The fourth part of colleges and universities scientific and technological activities statistics;
Part V of the National Science and Technology Development Program statistics;
Part VI is the science and technology activities and patent the results of relevant information;
Part VII is integrated technical services and related activities of the Association for Science and Technology;
Part VIII for science and technology activities of international comparative information.
Key statistical indicators explained.
China Statistical Yearbook on Science and Technology 2005