China Statistical Yearbook On Science and Technology 2014

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"China Science and Technology Statistics Yearbook 2014" is a reflection of China's science and technology activities of the National Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Science and book co-editor of a collection of the country's 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities as well as the relevant departments of the State Council statistics 2013 Technology of the Year.
The book is divided into nine sections. The first part is to reflect the full social and technological activities comprehensive statistics. The second, third and fourth part are industrial enterprises, research and development institutions and universities technological activities statistics, including industrial enterprises above designated size industrial enterprises caliber refers to the main business income of 20 million yuan and above the legal industry enterprise; caliber research and development institutions as independent accounting level and above government belongs to scientific research and technological development agencies, scientific and technical information and documentation agencies; colleges and universities, including full-time university and its affiliated hospitals. The fifth part is the high-tech industry statistics. Part VI of the National Science and Technology Program statistics. Part VII of the results of scientific and technological activity statistics. Part VIII comprehensive technical services and information CAST activities. Part IX of the International Science and Technology Statistics. Finally, with Main Statistical Indicators.
China Statistical Yearbook On Science and Technology 2014