Esay Chinese Understanding Chinese II (with 1 Mp3)

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Author: Li Fujia;
Language: Chinese, English
Format: Papercover
Page: 170
Publication Date: 11/2010
ISBN: 9787561929087,7561929080

Table of Contents
第二十一课 餐桌礼仪
第二十二课 表达需要
第二十三课 时间I(时点)
第二十四课 时间Ⅱ(时段)
第二十五课 买票
第二十六课 打电话I(找人)
第二十七课 打电话Ⅱ(转接电话)
第二十八课 生病
第二十九课 买药
第三十课 可以问的问题
第三十一课 不必介意的问题
第三十二课 谈天气
第三十三课 赠送礼物
第三十四课 告辞
第三十五课 委婉地拒绝
第三十六课 情绪的表达
第三十七课 爱意的表达
第三十八课 祝愿
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1 Customer Review(s):
by Antonio Carlos Barbosa on 2014-10-20 07:25:31
This is the second volume of a very good chinese book. As its own name suggest, Easy Chinese is a very easy and self paced book to follow.

The lessons are very well formated and facilitates self learning people to quickly gain confidence on speaking mandarin. The audio files are very clear, very comprehensible and can be listened with or without the book. I suggest both!

If you're really interested in learn chinese I recomend this book as it's a fast way to get there, but don't forget to start with volume one.
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Esay Chinese Understanding Chinese II (with 1 Mp3)