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Core Socialist Values Keywords: Prosperity
ISBN: 9787300207582 | Published on 03/2015 | Series: Core Socialist Values Keywords

Core Socialist Values Keywords: Rule of Law
ISBN: 9787300207636 | Published on 03/2015 | Series: Core Socialist Values Keywords
About Author Hart Zhen,got his Ph.D. degree in Beijing Normal University. He was the former Vice President of Beijing Normal University and President...

Lieddichtungen Aus Der Yuan-Zeit
ISBN: 9787300252360 | Published on 05/2019 | Series: Bibliothek Der Chinesischen Klassiker Chinesisch-Deutsch

Big Power's Responsibility China's Perspective
ISBN: 7300131581,9787300131580 | Published on 03/2011
This book is a most timely one that not only system.atically introduces China’S current international responsi.bilities,but also responds to the...

Internet Philanthropy in China
ISBN: 9787300264189 | Published on 01/2019
Recommended Book for Those Engaged in Philanthropic Undertakings in Both Public and Private Sectors About Author Tencent Research Institute (TRI) is...

Labor Law and Social Security Law of China
ISBN: 7300196802, 9787300196800 | Published on 06/2014

Collected Papers on Era of Lacquer Language
ISBN: 9787300229928 | Published on 10/2016 | Series: 2016 Fuzhou International Lacquer Art Biennial

Chinese Economy 2040
ISBN: 9787300247069 | Published on 07/2017

The Financial Reforms in China
ISBN: 9787300246949 | Published on 06/2017
This book aims to analyze the financial reforms in China from an institutional view which is in fact a crucial theme to ensure the stability of...

Chinese Investment in Australia
ISBN: 9787300166469, 7300166466 | Published on 12/2015

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