China Statistical Year Book on the Work for Person with Disabilities 2011

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"China Statistical Yearbook 2011 disabled people" is a reflection of the China Disabled Persons Annals of career development information.
This book consists of six parts: The first part is data for key indicators; second part is a special article, including the China Disabled Persons Statistical Bulletin and the career development part of the business sector, thematic essays; third part is a comprehensive statistics, the situation is the calendar year statistics comprehensive reflection; fourth part is the 2010 provincial statistics, records in 2010 the implementation of the task targets the provinces and the national summary of; fifth part is the cause of the disabled sub-provincial statistical analysis, including the country's 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and Heilongjiang Land Reclamation Bureau; sixth part is an appendix, describes the cause of the China Disabled Persons statistical Indicators and related policies and regulations document. Book CDPF system cadres, workers, especially the staff of the main business areas, the relevant government departments at all levels, engaged in social work researchers and the community to understand the cause of development of the China Disabled Persons, an important reference value.
2010 statistics are based on the cause of disabled provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and statistical report submitted CDPF part of the special business project results compiled. Book covers the national statistics do not include Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan Province and Macao; form of "space", said the statistics to zero.
Book during the editing process, has been in charge of China Disabled Persons' Federation organs and departments and the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities CDPF support business and help the national federations the system to pay the majority of statisticians hard work and sweat, here, we express our sincere thanks.

China Statistical Year Book on the Work for Person with Disabilities 2011