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Ritual, Music and Ethos of Culture in Ancient China
ISBN: 9787300247052 | Published on 07/2017
Whether China can provide a different mode of cultural development from western cultural evolution determines whether Chinese culture can prevail in...

Modernization of Agriculture and Rural Development in China
ISBN: 9787300294551 | Published on 06/2021
As socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, China's agricultural and rural development has also ushered into a new stage....

A Moderately Prosperous Society in China
ISBN: 9787300294476 | Published on 06/2021
This book systematically presents the development of a Moderately Prosperous Society in China, clarifies the main connotation, essential features,...

Opinion of China: Insight into International Hotspot Issues
ISBN: 9787300246239 | Published on 07/2017 | Series: Recognizing and Understanding China Series

The Ideal and Belief of the Chinese
ISBN: 9787300265032 | Published on 06/2019 | Series: Recognizing and Understanding China Series
About Author YuWen Li,Professor of moral philosophy and political philosophy at School of Marxism in Peking University. In recent years, he has...

What Can China's Road Contribute to the World
ISBN: 9787300245485 | Published on 06/2017 | Series: Recognizing and Understanding China Series
Since China’s reform and opening-up, the China's Road with its remarkable practice has drawn wide attention all over the world. It has...

Rural China: Imperial Control in the Nineteenth Century
ISBN: 7300198929, 9787300198927 | Published on 06/2014
Mr. Hsiao crystallization of years of hard research. specializing in the th century. the Qing Dynasty ruled China countryside political system....

International Attention: Opinion of China 2014
ISBN: 7300188710, 9787300188713 | Published on 07/2014

Comprehensively deepen reforms and the world economy
ISBN: 7300213839, 9787300213835 | Published on 07/2015

The Road of China
ISBN: 9787300167473 | Published on 01/2013 | Series: Recognizing and Understanding China Series
Making a general review of the.zigzaggingdevelopment of the Communist Party of China since modern times,especially since its establishment,explaining...

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