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A La Orilla Derecha Del Rio Argun
ISBN: 9787508523903 | Published on 03/2014 | Series: Joyas de Literatura Contemporánea China | Reviews:
Right Bank of the Argun (Spanish version)

A Life of Love and Benevolence a Biography of Jet Li
ISBN: 9787508530024 | Published on 01/2015 | Series: Realizing The Chinese Dream

A New Type of Large Open Economy China's Choice in Jointly Building an Open World Economy
ISBN: 9787508543611 | Published on 06/2020
Facing the unprecedented changes in a century in the world, this book first proposes the concept of "A New Type of Large Open Economy". It...

A Photographical Evidence of Crimes Committed By Unit 731 of The Japanese Kwantung Army
ISBN: 9787508530857, 7508530853 | Published on 08/2015

A Practical Guide in Chinese Cinema 2002-2012
ISBN: 9787508525631 | Published on 08/2013
About the Book To write about a film industry that adds 10 screens per day and expands by an average of 30 percent in box- office revenue annually is...

A Selection of Traditional Chinese Paintings
ISBN: 9787508510309 | Published on 01/2007
This album collects 260 masterpieces of Chinese painting from various dynasties, systematically reflecting the origin, schools and developing veins...

A Sence of Nature
ISBN: 9787508538808 | Published on 05/2018
Harmony between humans and nature is the essence of traditional Chinese ideology and culture. “If one observes the Way of Heaven, and maintains...

A1 Airfield: The Legend of A B-29 Crew in China During WWII
ISBN: 9787508534138 | Published on 05/2018 | Reviews:
The A1 Airfield (coordinates: 30°25′13.25″N, 103°50′41.88″E) that is located at a thousand-year-old town on the...

Above of the "ladders to Heaven" a Modern Chinese Version of the Promethean Myth
ISBN: 9787508530031 | Published on 01/2015 | Series: Realizing The Chinese Dream | Reviews:
This book told about the true story of the couple Guilin Lee and Jianfen Lu, the husband and wife were all once substitute teachers. They set up a...

Academicians and China: Insight Into a New World: Hsue-shen Tsien and the Gateway to Intellect
ISBN: 9787508546810 | Published on 06/2021 | Reviews:
About Author The Hsue-shen Tsien Think Tank is a specialized institution that studies the life story and important thoughts and theories of Hsue-shen...

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China Intercontinental Press (CIP) was established in 1993, and now is one of China's leading international publishing companies, producing over 200 new titles per year, most of which are in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, and so on. 
​It publishes trade and academic titles in subject areas such as China's arts, culture, literature, philosophy, religion, travel literatures and children books. CIP's mission is to present China, especially the information of Chinese culture, to the world and share the traditional and modern China's essence with both domestic and foreign readers.