China in Diagrams (2007 Edition) English

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Compiled by the State Council Information Office, the book offers up-to-date information about the country in an easy-to-read format with many charts. The economic and social progress that China is making has captured world attention. Gaining a better understanding of China has thus become the desire of many far-sighted people in the world. Since the book's Chinese version was first published in 2003, feedback from readers has been positive, says chief editor Jing Xiaomin. The new version contains basic information on geography, natural resources, history, culture and the political organization of the country. The book also includes statistics that reflect changes in Chinese people's lives. For instance, in the chapter Livelihood a chart compares per capita consumption of food in urban families in 1978, 1988, 2001 and 2003. Edible plant oil, pork, beef, mutton, poultry, fresh eggs and aquatic products all are on the rise. Poultry consumption jumped from 1 kilogram in 1978 to 9.20 kilograms in 2003. Another chart illustrates the changing Engle Coefficient of urban residents, which dropped from 57.5 per cent in 1978 to 37.1 per cent in 2003. (The Engle Coefficient is the proportion of spending on food in total consumer spending. It is an index used worldwide, which indicates residents' standard of living.) According to this chart, Chinese urban residents have advanced from just "having enough food to eat" to the status of being "affluent," since their Engle Coefficient is now below 40 per cent. A number of charts show the incomes of rural residents, their living conditions, and access to tap water, household consumer goods, sanitary toilets and durables. A chapter about science and education predicts that about 100 million people the world over are expected to study Chinese in the next four years. Chinese has become the most common third language in the United States, following English and Spanish, and the second language in Australia and Canada.
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China in Diagrams (2007 Edition) English