China Dairy Industry Statistics 2020

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'China Dairy Industry Statistics 2020' has been published for 18 consecutive years and is an annual comprehensive and concise statistical data that comprehensively reflects the basic conditions of international and domestic dairy industry development. The contents of 'China Dairy Industry Statistics 2020' have been partially adjusted according to the actual needs of the industry and enterprises. The main columns include the global dairy industry profile, the status of China's dairy industry in the global dairy industry, the profile of China's dairy industry, raw milk production, and local milk. Industry, dairy processing, dairy consumption, dairy trade, international raw milk production, international raw milk quality and price, international major dairy companies, international dairy production, international dairy trade, international dairy consumption, major national dairy, domestic Relevant economic indicators, etc., are more convenient to consult. In addition to the main indicator data for 2018, China Dairy Industry Statistics 2020 also includes some historical data. The domestic part of this data mainly comes from the central ministries, statistical bulletins, local milk owners management departments and associations, the General Administration of Customs, market intermediary organizations, and dairy companies. International dairy data is mainly from FAO, IDF, USDA, major dairy national statistical offices, customs and industry associations. Taiwan dairy industry data is provided by the Taiwan Dairy Association.
China Dairy Industry Statistics 2020